The Ultimate Tips for Visiting the Outback

Updated August 11, 2020.

The Outback! It’s rugged, dangerous, and completely iconic Australian. But there are a few things you need to be prepared for first. For instance, Australia is home to seven out of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world. And the spiders—oh, the spiders! But never fear! Here’s a quick run-down of all the things to know before you visit the Australian Outback, from beating the elements to preparing for the flies!

Take the road less traveled…
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The Elements

Few places on earth are so extreme. The dryness is incomparable to anywhere else I’ve been, the landscape is stunning and epic, the animals are incredible, and of course the weather is something else! Here’s to braving the elements:

There can be huge temperature swings.

Despite hot days, it gets chilly when the sun goes down! It’s true. The sun goes down and the temperatures drop. If you’re there in winter, you’ll want a jacket, gloves, a scarf, ear muffs, and maybe hand warmers, too!

Bundled up to start our early morning hike at Kata Tjuta!
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The flies are relentless.

No really, they don’t “shoo” when you swat at them. And they’re huge. And they’re irritating! Don’t be caught off-guard; be prepared to fight them off!

Stay a minimum of four meters from snakes.

That little tip comes courtesy of a gentleman by the name of “Snakebite.” You read that right! Take it from him, you do not want to get within four meters of a snake in Australia. Or else you might get bit!

The red dirt will get everywhere!

And it doesn’t come out of white socks, even with bleach. But trust me, it’s worth a few socks to see it all up-close!

I’m not that tan… that’s the red dirt after an easy walk!
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What to Bring

You can get all these things in Australia if you forget them, but you’ll be wise to simply bring them with you!

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A Water Bottle

You must stay hydrated! It’s incredibly dry in the Outback, and your whole body will feel it. Drink plenty of water and bring a refillable water bottle with you!


The sun is as relentless as the bugs! There’s very little shade out there to be had, so make sure to bring your most trusted sunscreen. Bonus points if it’s solid.

A Jacket

As mentioned above, it gets cold when the sun goes down… or before it comes up. Bring a jacket! And maybe a pullover for the wintertime, too!

Lovers on a chilly morning hike through the Valley of the Winds!
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Bug Repellent

Again, the flies are insane! They’re not afraid of you, and they will be all over you. Bring your most trusted bug repellent!

Reflective, UV Blocking, and Moisture-wicking Fabrics

In addition to sunscreen, you’ll want to cover your skin with effective fabrics. whatever is reflective, whatever keeps your skin from burning, whatever helps you keep dry, bring it with you!

A perfect day in the Outback, especially since my clothes are keeping me cool!
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A Good Day Bag

You will want to bring a lot of these things with you when you’re out exploring, so you’ll want a good day bag to keep it safe and not hurt your back.

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