What to Pack for the Outback: Men’s Edition

Updated June 23, 2020.

The Outback is the ultimate adventure! It’s a rugged desert with wide open spaces and big, cloudless skies. It was a challenge to pack for an Australian winter in the desert, but I think we did a pretty good job! Here’s what I packed for my husband, complete with links* so you can get your own if you like what you see!

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Three Moisture-wicking Polos

My husband wears a polo and jeans basically every day of his life. It makes him very easy to pack for! I packed three for him, and that was the right amount for our four-day Uluru trip. The moisture-wicking material also resists wrinkles, so it’s perfect for packing!


It’s the Outback. You need blue jeans for the ruggedness.

Three Short-sleeve Moisture-wicking Shirts

My husband works out every day, and he sweats… like, a lot! So he definitely needed one workout shirt per day. Again, the moisture-wicking material is perfect for travel.

Three Pair of Athletic Shorts

Because you’re not going to workout in jeans!

One Long-sleeve Moisture-wicking Shirt

He was glad he had this for our sunrise viewing and early morning hike.

One Pair of Long Athletic Pants

Perfect for a chilly morning run or a hike!


Bring hiking shoes if you like, but trainers are all my husband really ever needs. Pro tip: that red dirt gets everywhere, and you’re technically not supposed to bring foreign dirt back into the U.S. I recommend bringing trainers that are still good, but getting worn out, then plan to leave them behind. 

Keeping Warm

The days were pleasant enough, especially with all the hiking and activities you can do at and around Ayers Rock Resort, but those mornings and nights can be brutal! You will need some help staying warm, especially if you’re visiting in winter like we were.

We definitely needed all the warm clothes we brought!

Hand Warmers

I wish I could take credit for this one, but I can’t! This is one item I wish we’d brought. They are fairly light and take up practically no space, and I really could have used them at sunrise and sunset! A lady in front of me in line for the restroom had some, and I told her she was a genius. 

Scarf, Hat, and Gloves

You will be glad to have all three of these. Trust us!


My husband is mighty warm-natured, but even he was glad for an extra layer under his coat!

Puffer Jacket

It’s light, it packs down into itself, and it’s warm. It’s the perfect travel coat, my friends!

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Sun Safety

We even wanted our shades in the shade!

Y’all, that sun is unrelenting. There are very few clouds at Uluru, so you need to protect yourself from those rays!


You will be so glad you brought a hat. My husband and I love to be in the sun, and protecting your eyes and face is so important! Choose any kind you like, as long as it shades your face at the very least.


This is pretty important all over Australia, but especially in the Outback where shade is limited. Bonus points if you travel with solid sunscreen!

UV Blocking, Long-sleeve Shirt

Don’t like sunscreen? Or maybe you just don’t like to take chances with the sun. Either way, you will want a long-sleeve shirt, and it’s even better if you take one with moisture-wicking and UV Blocking abilities!

Polarized Sunglasses

You will look cuter in your photos if you’re not squinting. You will also protect your eyes better if you wear sunglasses that have been polarized!


He’s so cute when he’s contemplating what to do next!

Sails in the Desert at Ayers Rock Resort provided soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion, but here are the extra toiletries we brought with us.

Bug Repellent

The flies here are brave, unafraid, and incredibly irritating! Thankfully the winter mornings are cool enough that the bugs don’t come out, but by midday, temperatures have warmed up enough to bring them out of hiding. You will definitely want bug repellent. It comes in solid stick and wipe form now, so you can save precious room in your toiletries bag!


Hopefully this one is already on your list! If you’re looking for a natural option that actually works and comes at a reasonable price, check out Native!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

These are not provided at the resort, so don’t skip them! My husband brushes his teeth more than anyone I know, so he definitely brought plenty with him!

Garment Spray

So, I just recently realized that Downy Wrinkle Releasing Spray comes with Febreeze to take away odors! If you’re a re-wearer like we are, you’ll be glad you brought some.

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