Air Dolomiti Review: My New Favorite Airline

Updated June 23, 2020.

In case you are unaware, I fly a LOT! I love the feeling of flying. I love how I can fly 8 hours and be in a location that would have taken weeks to get to less than a century ago. And while most airlines’ service and amenities are deteriorating, my husband and I were over-the-moon delighted with our quick flight from Frankfurt to Verona (FRA-VRN) on our new favorite airline: Air Dolomiti!

View from the Window Seat

We booked our trip to Verona a few months ago, and in anticipation of achieving Million Miler status within the Star Alliance (and thus no longer needing to build up miles for next year), we decided to branch out and use some of those reward miles with a Star Alliance partner instead of hoarding them to gain airline status. Much to our delight, it was actually mile-for-cent cheaper (1 mile=1 cent) to use miles and fly in Business Class rather than pay for Economy Class!

We flew from Dulles (IAD) to FRA in Business Class on a Lufthansa 747, but we were a little puzzled to see that our flight from FRA-VRN was on an airline we’d never heard of. So we set our expectations low and hoped for the best—you never know with airlines today! But honey moley my friends, this is my new favorite!

Named for the Dolomites: a section of the Italian Alps!

The Seats

There were two classes of service on this flight: First and Economy. First class was quite spacious on this small regional jet, with just a 2-2 configuration (two seats-aisle-two seats). These are probably the most comfortable seats I’ve had the pleasaure to sit on in flight!

Very comfy, ergonomic seating!

The Service

Steve and I were greeted with a smile, given a hearty “buongiorno!” (Italian for “Good morning!”), and directed to our seats. Every interaction we had with every flight attendant on board was kind, pleasant, and included a smile. Here’s a quick example:

The cover on my armrest (where the tray table was stowed) had come open without my noticing before the flight, and one of the flight attendants said, “Excuse me, please,” and closed it for me. Because I’m used to everything being the customer’s fault, I started apologizing. But he replied, “No, no! It’s just for your comfort!” Well, isn’t that nice?

Stunning views over Italian villages!

The Amenities

Almost as soon as we were seated, one of the flight attendants came over to hand us a bottle of water, an amenities kit (for a 1-hour flight!), and a box of heart-shaped cookies because it was Valentine’s Day! Later on they came through with a sanitizing moist towelette. They basically thought of everything! It was such a delight. Usually the First Class service is basically the same as Economy Class on these very short flights, but Air Dolomiti made us feel pretty special!

Why, yes, I am quite dehydrated and tired from my 8-hour flight to FRA; I’ll take a bottle of water!
Air Dolomiti Travel Amenities Kit–so adorable, and I can think of a million ways to reuse it!
Refreshing Wipe with Antibacterial Action!
Very fancy and luxurious Ahava Moisturizing Lotion
Lip Balm, which I can always use, especially in winter!
Eye Mask
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day!

The Meal

That’s right: we got a meal on our 1-hour flight! Granted it was a light meal, but it was vegetarian friendly, included dessert, and the bread was warm! It was definitely worth eating, and I’m glad we used our miles to upgrade to the First Class seating for this flight—it was worth it!

Roasted Eggplant and Red Bell Pepper with Feta, Olive Oil and Butter, Pretzel Roll, Box of Chocolates, and Fruity Cake (I think it was apricot!)
The little chocolate box is shaped like a suitcase (handle and all) and included a milk chocolate truffle and a dark chocolate truffle.
Oh, you think I didn’t have enough chocolate and I deserve another? Sure!
Chocolate Truffle with Lemon Cream

The Airline

Air Dolomiti was founded as recently as 1989, but it is fully owned by Lufthansa, the largest German airline. It’s a regional airline that operates within Italy and Germany, and is headquartered in Verona, Italy. For all their policies, travel tips, and all their destinations, visit the Air Dolomiti Website!

Are you ready for your flight with Air Dolomiti? Have you flown with them before? Tell me below!

And check out my Air Travel Page for everything you need and more!

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