The Ultimate Guide for What to Pack for the Beach

Updated August 28, 2022.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always thinking about my next beach trip! COVID and 2020 kept me away from my beloved beaches, but already this year, we’ve been to the beach twice and have two more beach trips in the works! Seeing as I almost forgot what my normal beach gear was after not visiting for so long, I thought some of my readers might appreciate a quick reminder of the things you simply shouldn’t forget for any beach trip!

Water Shoes

It doesn’t matter whether the sand is fine, rocky, or covered in broken coral, you’ll be glad you have water shoes. Walking on sand is harder on the muscles and tendons in your feet than you realize at first step, and of course, coral, rocks, and course sand hurt and can make you bleed! I never thought water shoes mattered until I had surgery on both feet at 29, but now, I never go to the beach without them, and neither does my husband!

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Bug Repellent

Not every beach has buggy issues, but for the ones that do, you’ll be glad you remembered your bug repellent! The best I’ve found actually comes in a wipe which is perfect for travel. And I’ll give you a tip that a travel vaccination nurse gave me: put your sunscreen on first, wait 15 minutes, then apply your bug repellent. The sunscreen needs to soak in, but the bug repellent needs to sit on top!

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Reef Safe Sunscreen

Speaking of sunscreen, don’t forget it! I’m sure it’s on your list of things to take, but the right kind matters. Reef safe sunscreen is best for oceanside getaways, and again, the solid kind is perfect for travel. Here is my favorite:

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A Double-duty Cover-up

Any clothing item that pulls “double duty” is a favorite, but especially an item that can take me from breakfast to beach to dinner! The right bathing suit cover-up won’t show wet marks from a wet bathing suit, and it can totally be acceptable at dinner with the right accessories!

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A Quick-dry Towel

You’ll find a lot of uses for a quick dry towel on your beach trip. Drying off, laying out, picnic blanket, cleaning up after a muddy hike to a secluded beach… There are plenty of reasons to bring one along! You’ll be glad you did.

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A Hat

Sunscreen is great, but shade is just as good or better. You may want a wide-brim beach hat, or maybe a baseball cap suits your preferences. Either way, you won’t regret bringing a hat or two with you to the beach!

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A Dry Bag

One of the best finds I’ve ever come across in my efforts to pack well, pack efficiently, and pack smart, is this dry bag! It’s perfect for a hike, perfect for keeping sand out of your stuff at the beach, and just as importantly, perfect for going into the water without leaving your valuables behind. This bag is not just waterproof, it floats!

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What’s the #1 thing you NEVER forget to pack for the beach? Comment to let us know!

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