The Most Romantic Things to Do on Guam

Updated August 9, 2020.

Temperatures are in plummet mode in the northern hemisphere, and if you’re like me, you’re longing for a tropical getaway! In case you and your honey need some inspiration (or just need to live vicariously through some pictures for a minute or two), I’ve got your guide to the best romantic things to do on the beautiful, tropical, paradise that is Guam!

10. Marvel at that Stunning Water in Tumon Bay

It’s no secret I love the water. I might have a healthy fear of drowning, but the ocean is one of the most gorgeous sights I love to see. And the water in Tumon Bay is a color unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s not Carribbean blue, it’s not glacier blue, it’s not even what I would call sea green! It’s this marvelous green-blue-clear color that seemes to exist only here. Pictures can’t quite do it justice, but I’ll try!

Epic Tumon Bay
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9. Take a Hike

There are many hikes to be had on Guam, from easy to moderate to hard. Steve and I love a good hike, especially if there is a waterfall or stunning view at the end, so take your pick! And who doesn’t love the romance of letting your Love help you across a stream or down a particularly slippery drop-off? A hike can also show you a lot about a new romance—is this person willing to help or more inclined to leave you behind? Mine stuck right by my side, even though I know I was slowing him down!

Made it to Tarzan Falls in one piece!
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8. Take a Road Trip

Love a good road trip? You can explore all of Guam by car in a day! With roadside stands selling fruit and historical spots all along the way (Magellan’s Monument, Fort Soledad, Pacific War Museum, etc.), plus stunning vistas, you will definitely love your Guamanian road trip!

No shortage of color on a romantic road trip!
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7. Relax Together

Steve and I are admittedly not good relaxers. but this latest trip to Guam came during the Christmas season, between trips to see family, during a particularly chilly cold snap, so the warm, sandy beaches and island time were calling our name! We spent more time doing perfectly nothing on the beach at Tumon Bay than we have anywhere else—maybe ever! And that put us both in a very good mood.

Ultimate relaxation
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6. Go for a Swim Together

Not a good swimmer? Me either! I mean, I can swim, I’m just not very fast or very good at it. But I kid you not, Tumon Bay is perfect. It’s shallow for yards, calm as can be, and you will even find sea turtles and schools of teeny-tiny fish swimming around you if you look down long enough! This is a perfect swimming spot for couples because you can explore it all at a leisurely, worry-free, romantic pace.

Going in!
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5. Take in the View from Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

If given the chance to take in a view from an historic island fort, take it! Without modern-day RADAR, drones, etc., forts throughout history needed to be at the highest place with the best view of the ocean to watch for enemy ships. The farther one could see, the more time they had to prepare to fight back. And this early 19th-century Spanish fort is no exception! The view of the Philippine Sea and Umatac Bay simply can’t be beat.

Epic views of the mountains and the ocean!
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4. Have an Adventure Together

The most important word here is: together! Guam offers amazing adventure opportunities for couples. There’s everything from parasailing to deep sea fishing, stand-up paddleboarding to sea kayaking, snorkeling to jungle hiking, and so much more! Choose something you both think you’ll enjoy, or be open-minded enough to each pick one and do them together—no backing out!

Epic adventures to be had together!
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3. Take a Long Walk on the Beach

It’s cheesy, it’s cliche, it’s iconic, it’s romantic! I actually do love a good, long walk on the beach, especially if it means I get to do so holding hands with my Love. Use your jet lag and go for a walk early, before everyone else gets up and goes out. And maybe wear your bathing suit in case you decide to go for a romantic morning swim, too!

Long walk on the beach our last morning on Guam.
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2. Chase the Rainbows

It will rain on you while visiting Guam. It just will. But it will also pass shortly, so just wait it out! And then take part in one of our personal favorite Guamanian activities: looking for rainbows! Guam is the first place where I ever saw a rainbow end-to-end. All those passing rain showers mean rainbows are plentiful, so after getting caught in the rain, just look up!

Rainbow over Two Lovers’ Point!
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1. Lock Your Love at Two Lovers’ Point

This is one you simply have to do! Two ill-fated lovers, one a daughter of a Chamorro chief, the other a Spanish soldier, jumped from this cliff before anyone could stop them. Now you can visit the beautiful cliff and take in its romantic views with your own lover, and you can even “lock your love” there, too! I had one made with our names engraved on it, but they also sell inexpensive locks at the gift shop as well.

Locking our love at Two Lovers’ Point!
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Are you ready for your own romantic Guamanian getaway? Is there something you would add to this list? Comment below! Want more on Guam? Check out my Pacific Islands Page!

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