Top 10 Things to Do at Tumon Bay

Updated August 9, 2020.

If you’re planning a tropical Guamanian getaway, odds are you’ll be staying at Tumon Bay! Almost all the hotels are here, and with good reason—it’s gorgeous, the waters are calm, and it’s walkable to tons of restaurants, shopping, and attractions!

10. Make the Most of Your Accommodation

Many of the accommodations on Tumon Bay are top-notch! They boast excellent cafes and restaurants, beautiful pools, beach access, spa services, and more! Take full advantage of all your accommodation has to offer. There’s plenty to do off-site, too, of course, but you’re paying for that incredible hotel—use it to the fullest!

After about 20 hours of travel, plus an hour and a half delay at our layover, we were delighted to find macarons and fruit waiting for us in our room! And we slept in as long as possible the next day!

9. Take a Turtle Watching Tour

I LOVE sea turtles! They are so graceful and sweet. Because Tumon Bay is so popular, most of them stay a bit farther out from shore. So if you want to see some sea turtles, take a tour on either kayaks or paddleboards to see them up-close without disrupting their day!

8. Have Dinner (or Lunch) with a View

You didn’t come to the Guam to eat in the shopping malls, right? Eat with a view! Tumon Bay is one of the most beautiful places we’ve stayed, and as long as you can look out and see the sea, you’ll be pleased. Whether you want Guam’s verson of poutine, fresh fish, cut fruit, or a decadent dessert for a sunset delight, treat yourself to a meal with an epic ocean view!

We got take-out around 4:00 every evening and ate dinner on our balcony with this epic view!
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7. Go for a Swim

Tumon Bay is not only beautiful, it’s calm. So it’s a perfect spot for even a beginner to go for a swim! You can walk out for a dozen yards or more without going more than waist deep at low tide, and the water is so clear you can see fish and coral all the way to the bottom!

My sweet honey found this unoccupied conch shell under the sea!
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6. Take Memorable Photos

There are two camps: those who want to take a gazillion photos and those who think anyone taking photos is not “living in the moment.” Well, allow yourself a happy medium and take some really memorable photos all along Tumon Bay. The sweeping ocean views, rainbows that come with frequent rain, dramatic cliffs, and sealife all provide gorgeous backdrops for photos worth framing, sharing, and using for phone and laptop backgrounds to remind you of your days in paradise.

We saw so many beautiful rainbows on our early morning walk!
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5. Catch a Sunset

Speaking of paradise, Tumon Bay is perfectly situated for stunning sunsets. If you’re like my sweet husband and me, your fast-paced, highly frantic home life doesn’t provide a lot of time for really taking in and enjoying a sunset. Take advantage of this gorgeous setting and really take the time to watch and enjoy a sunset.

Gorgeous sunset over Tumon Bay.
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4. Rent a Kayak

Want to explore the waters a little farther out but prefer to take it at your own pace instead of with a tour? You can rent sea kayaks, paddle boats, floating bikes, and more to float above the coral and schools of fish below!

Sea Kayaks ready to take on the day!
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3. Go Stand-up Paddleboarding

Want a slow-paced adventure? Try paddleboarding! I gave it a go for the first time on our first trip to Guam, and it was so much fun! Skimming over the water was peaceful, and I got to see all the sealife below without disturbing them. You can rent the equipment right on the beach and the calm waters are great training ground for first-timers.

First time on a Stand-up Paddleboard was a success!

2. Relax

The peaceful, calm water has this amazing calming effect. Steve and I are not strong relaxers, but we both found the serenity to nap at Tumon Bay! Your resort will have towels and lounge chairs to use, so stake your claim, bring a book, and wear your sunscreen. That’s all you’ll need!

Enjoys turquoise waters and long naps on the beach…

1. Snorkel or Dive (and maybe see BLUE Starfish!)

What’s the #1 thing to do on Guam and at Tumon Bay? Snorkel and SCUBA dive! You can dive with sharks at the Underwater World Aquarium, but if you’re not quite ready for that, you can get out in the calm waters of the bay with a mask and snorkel (or full SCUBA gear!) and marvel at the sealife! Did you know Guam has blue starfish? They do! You’ll also find coral, schools of fish, and some of the clearest waters around in beautiful Tumon Bay.

BLUE starfish! This one is at the Aquarium!

Are you ready to take on Tumon Bay? Tell me below! Want more? Check out all my Guam posts on my Pacific Islands Page!

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  1. To be honest I’ve never heard of Tumon Bay before but your photos do look amazing! Definitely worth a visit 🙂

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      It is THE hot spot on Guam! 🙌

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