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Ruined: Beauty in the Broken Places

Do you like ruins? They are major draws for tourists around the world, but they’re not for everyone. They serve as a warning against whatever was their downfall, they make epic backdrops, they are a window into the past. There is beauty in the broken, but sometimes it takes hundreds of years to find it.… Continue reading Ruined: Beauty in the Broken Places

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2017: Year of Islands

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m reflecting on our travels and realizing… we visited a lot of islands this year! When I think of islands, I think of tropical weather, beaches, sea turtles and swimming nearby. But when I looked back on our island excursions, it struck me that not all islands are the… Continue reading 2017: Year of Islands

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6 Days on Guam

Hafa Adai! That’s pronounced like “have a day” and is Chamorro for “Hello!” This Thursday we’re throwin’ it back to last week and our winter getaway to beautiful Guam, USA! This trip was longer than most of our trips–over six days in one place! I almost didn’t know how to handle that much time in… Continue reading 6 Days on Guam

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What to Eat on Guam

It’s What I Ate Wednesday and Guam week! Parrot fish, coconut iced coffee, and SUSHI await! Who’s hungry? Breakfast Eggs are a big part of breakfast in most places in America, but islanders really know how to dress them up! Fried rice, gravy, hamburger steak, ham and cheese stuffed in French toast, seafood–you name it,… Continue reading What to Eat on Guam

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Guam: My Top Travel Tips

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, and this week we’re giving you some important “good to know” tips on visiting beautiful Guam, USA! So, where is Guam? Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean! It’s 13 degrees north of the equator, due south of Tokyo, due east of the Philippines, and it’s the largest and southern-most of the Mariana Islands. Take… Continue reading Guam: My Top Travel Tips

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Guam on a Rainy Day

It’s Guam Week! My husband and I were incredibly excited for our week-long trip to Guam to get away from the inauguration madness in DC! Since our trip started with a rainy day, it’s only fitting for Guam Week on the blog to start the same way! Islands generally get a lot of rain and… Continue reading Guam on a Rainy Day

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10 Reasons to Visit Guam

If you’ve been following my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, you know I just got back from a beautiful, tropical island paradise… Guam! I’ll be posting some tips and other fun Guam posts next week, but for this Faraway Friday, here are 10 reasons YOU should consider a trip to Guam! 10. Love Birds Though I… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Guam