How to Have a White Star Line Trip of a Lifetime

Updated August 1, 2022.

The Titanic has captured people’s interest, imaginations, sympathy, and sorrow for over a hundred years now, and my younger brother is a superfan! And apparently so are a lot of other people. If you or a loved one have a particular interest in the Titanic, the White Star Line, or cruising in general, here’s your quick list of White Star Line sites, museums, and experiences!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Birthplace of the Titanic, Olympic, Britannic, and more White Star ocean liners. Your White Star Line trip of a lifetime starts here.

Visit the Titanic Museum Balfast

This is your ultimate resource for all things Titanic. The ship herself was built right on the site of this museum. The Discovery Tour is a must-do to learn about the museum’s symbolism, significance, and history. And you could easily spend a whole day exploring the exhibits, from Titanic‘s inception and Belfast’s role, to the Titanic‘s debris field and its role in pop culture. You just can’t miss this museum!

The Titanic Museum, just steps away from the White Star Line’s S.S. Nomadic.
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Explore the H.M.S. Nomadic

This vessel is the only White Star Line ship still afloat. Your ticket to the Titanic Museum includes admission to the Nomadic, and that ticket is good for the day of your visit or the day after! No White Star Line Trip of a Lifetime could possibly be complete without stepping aboard an authentic White Star Line ship.

Welcome aboard the S.S. Nomadic!
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Stay at the Titanic Hotel

It’s true! You can stay at the Titanic Hotel in Belfast, just across the way from the Titanic Museum. The hotel is in the former drawing offices of Harland and Wolff, the company that designed and built the Titanic. Yes, this is where the plans were drawn up! It’s one thing to see history, but it’s another to experience it in such a unique way.

Even if you can’t stay at the hotel itself, you can still head into Drawing Office 2 for dinner! The tile on the sides of the bar is leftover from the Titanic‘s construction and was used in the first class bathrooms and the onboard pool!
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Have Afternoon Tea at the Titanic Hotel

Want to feel like you’re having tea on the Titanic? You can! Well, not technically on the Titanic, but definitely the next best thing: at the Titanic Hotel Belfast. Dining in the Presentation Room, where the plans for many White Star Line ships were first unveiled, is truly a unique experience, and one that’s certainly worth having while in Belfast!

Tea time!
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Alnwick, England

Alnwick? Yes. You will want to visit Alnwick to be as close as possible to the interior of a White Star Ocean Liner. When the Olympic was decommissioned and sold for scrap, parts of her were auctioned off. The White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, England, bought her grand staircase, a revolving door, and most impressively, her first-class lounge. The interior of that lounge is now their dining room!

Dine at the Olympic Restaurant at the White Swan Inn

This is a very unique experience to have, and I never would have known about it without my brother Joel’s suggesting it! The dining room at the White Swan Inn in Alnwick, England, is the dining room from the Titanic‘s sister ship Olympic. The wood, the fixtures, everything, was once part of the dining room on the ship. And you can have dinner here!

Imagine the celebrities, royalty, and wealthy ocean-goers who used this first-class lounge!
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Many of those who died in the Titanic tragedy are buried in three cemeteries in Halifax. You can still pay your respects to the 121 Titanic victims at Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 19 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 at Baron de Hirsch.

Pay Your Respects at Fairview Lawn Cemetery

One hundred twenty-one bodies found after the Titanic sank are interred here at this cemetery. Many of the graves have small granite markers, but some families of the deceased paid for larger, more ornate markers. The most visited and perhaps most curious marker belongs to a “J. Dawson.” People started leaving flowers at his grave after the 1997 movie Titanic came out. Is it Jack? You can decide!

My heart will go on and on…
The Titanic section of the Fairview Lawn Cemetery.
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