2017: Year of Islands

Updated April 2020! As 2017 comes to a close, I’m reflecting on our travels and realizing… we visited a lot of islands this year! When I think of islands, I think of tropical weather, beaches, sea turtles and swimming nearby. But when I looked back on our island excursions, it struck me that not allContinue reading “2017: Year of Islands”

Solo Travel: Block Island

Updated April 2020. It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I recently set out solo in search of adventure and old world, seaside resort charm, and I found it on beautiful Block Island, Rhode Island. Why is Block Island a great solo travel destination? Here’s the shake-down on solo travel on Block Island! Why Block Island?  It’s cute!Continue reading “Solo Travel: Block Island”

10 Reasons to Visit Block Island, RI

Updated May 2020. This Faraway Friday is all about quaint, cute, adorable, friendly, beautiful Block Island, Rhode Island! A lot of people I know had never heard of Block Island (and neither had I!), and they all asked me the same thing: Why did you decide to go to Block Island? Well, my friends andContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Block Island, RI”

Biking on Block Island (with maps!)

Updated May 2020. This Throwback Thursday post is all about my latest trip to a true “throwback” destination: Block Island, Rhode Island! Why is it a true throwback? Because it’s stuck in the past in the best possible way. The architecture is adorable, people are friendly and helpful, and best of all, you can seeContinue reading “Biking on Block Island (with maps!)”

What to Eat on Block Island

Updated May 2020. It’s everyone’s favorite… What I Ate Wednesday! If you’ve been following along on the blog and @quickwhittravel on Instagram or Facebook, you know I just got back from adorable Block Island, Rhode Island. And you know I had to eat! Breakfast I don’t usually choose a hotel that includes breakfast because IContinue reading “What to Eat on Block Island”

What to Know Before You Visit Block Island

Updated May 2020. It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m letting you in on everything you need to know about visiting Block Island, Rhode Island! Never heard of Block Island? Neither had I! Have fond memories of frolicking on this peaceful bit of land off the New England coast? Now I do, too! And hopefullyContinue reading “What to Know Before You Visit Block Island”

How to Get to Block Island

Updated May 2020. It’s a very special Motivation Monday, my friends. This week, I’ve done the legwork for you, and I’m letting you in on all the ways to get yourself onto adorable Block Island, Rhode Island! It’s a little complicated–at least it was for me–but if you’re up for an island affair away fromContinue reading “How to Get to Block Island”