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How to Get to Block Island


It’s a very special Motivation Monday, my friends. This week, I’ve done the legwork for you, and I’m letting you in on all the ways to get yourself onto adorable Block Island, Rhode Island! It’s a little complicated–at least it was for me–but if you’re up for an island affair away from the everyday world, here’s how you get there:


Yes! There is an airport on this tiny island! You’ll be flying on New England Airlines:

New England Airlines is a regional airline that offers flights for $59 ($99 round-trip) from Westerly State Airport in Westerly, RI, to the Block Island airport. And get this… Airport parking is FREE! They have multiple flights per day, and each flight takes a mere 12 minutes! Check out their website for all the details: New England Airlines. Here are some tips and quick facts straight from New England Airlines:

  • Call before you head to the airport in case there is a delay or cancellation.
  • If your flight is cancelled for weather, your charge can be refunded.
  • They are dog friendly! Dogs fly free up to 25 pounds; charges may apply for canine companions over 25 pounds.
  • Seeing Block Island from the air provides gorgeous views!
  • They have eight airplanes of various sizes in their fleet to accommodate 5-9 people, pending weight distribution.
  • They will charter a flight for you within New England, or possibly farther. You’ll have to call and ask!
New England Air

How do I get to the Westerly State Airport (WST)? 

Cab vs. Uber
You will have to get in touch with a cab company to find prices from PVD or wherever you’re coming from. Uber from PVD to WST was around $50 and took about an hour when I checked.

Amtrak does come into Westerly from Washington, DC; New York; and Boston. But keep in mind you will still have to take a cab or an Uber from the train station to the airport.


None such luck. There are no bridges to Block Island, but you can take your car on the traditional ferry from Point Judith, Rhode Island!


This is the most common and most economical way to access Block Island. Ferries leave from several locations and head to Block Island. Below are the mainland departure points and some quick info. For details and to purchase tickets, visit Block Island Ferry’s website.

Point Judith, RI, Traditional Ferry | 55 minutes | $13.05 one-way | Vehicles $39.60-$48.70 depending on size | Bikes $3.50 | Multiple departures per day, last departure at 7:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Point Judith, RI, High-speed Ferry | 30 minutes | $20 one-way | No Vehicles | Bikes $4 | Multiple departures per day, last departure at 6:45pm

Newport, RI, High-speed Ferry | 60 minutes | $25.50 one-way | No Vehicles | Bikes $6 | Two departures per day at 9:45 am and 12:30pm

Fall River, RI, High-speed Ferry | 2 hours 15 minutes | $30 one-way | No Vehicles | Bikes $6 | Only one departure per day at 8:30am

New London, CT, High-speed Ferry | 1 hour 15 minutes | $26.25 | No Vehicles | Bikes $10 | 3-4 departures per day, last departure at 6:30pm
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the New London-Block Island Express Ferry website.

***Montauk (Long Island), NY, High-speed Ferry (must change ferry at New London) | 2 hours 45 minutes | $26.25 | No Vehicles | Bikes $10 | Multiple departures per day, last departure at 5:00pm
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Long Island-Block Island Ferry website.
***This ferry docks at New Harbor; all others dock at Old Harbor.

Traditional (low-speed, car-friendly) Ferry
Hi-Speed Ferry coming in for a landing!

How do I get to the ferries? 

Cab vs. Uber
You can take a cab from the Providence Airport (PVD) to Point Judith, but I was told that’s about $70. Uber from PVD to Point Judith was between $35-45 and took 45 minutes. Uber fares from PVD to Newport‘s ferry terminal were $30-35 and took about an hour. PVD to Fall River was about $17-20.

There are buses, but unless you caught them just right, every search I did showed a 2-3 hour bus ride to any of the ferry destinations. I spoke with someone with the Newport Visitor’s Center who said the bus from PVD is 45 minutes, but nothing I saw was congruous with that!

Rental Car
You can certainly rent a car and drive, but the traditional ferries at Point Judith are the only ferries that transport cars. All other ferry departure points use high-speed ferries which do not accommodate cars. You can rent a car on Block Island, but bikes and mopeds are enough to get you around this small island!

So what did Quick Whit do? 

I flew into Providence, RI, landing at 2:40pm; took an Uber at 3:00pm from the airport to Point Judith (45 minutes, $40); and took the 4:45pm traditional ferry (one hour, $13). It worked for me, but my flight was about 45 minutes delayed, so I missed the 3:00pm ferry I meant to take. And it was raining the day I arrived so we ferried through rough seas. But I made friends with my Uber driver and with a super sweet girl on the ferry!

The views from shore are worth the effort of getting here!

Be ready for anything, my friends. Just take it easy and roll with the punches. You’re heading to an island where the people are kind, the scenery is picture-perfect, and life moves a little slower. Don’t stress, and enjoy the ride!


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