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Best of the Year of Active Travel

Happy New Year! I hope this New Year’s Eve you’ll be inspired to live your best life in 2019. If you didn’t know already, this year’s blog theme was the “Year of Active Travel,” and we got to have a lot of fun with it! In 2018, I’ve shared only the best with you: the… Continue reading Best of the Year of Active Travel

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10 Active Things to Do at the Trapp Family Lodge

If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you know my husband Steve and I had a fun time at the Trapp Family Lodge in beautiful Stowe, Vermont! We chose peak fall foliage season for our trip, and it has been a dream of mine for many years to stay at the Lodge. After… Continue reading 10 Active Things to Do at the Trapp Family Lodge

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Running in Boston

It’s the Year of Active Travel! And running is one of my most favorite travel activities. On my recent trip to Boston, I went on my first ever running tour, and it was a fabulous way to see the sights. I chose a private tour, but you can do a group tour as well. I… Continue reading Running in Boston

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Your Feet and Your Travels

How are your feet? It’s not your typical conversation starter, but it’s an important question! I’ve been seeing more and more questions lately from travelers about their feet: “What shoes are best for so much walking?” “What cute sandals are out there that won’t hurt my feet?” “How do you deal with blisters?” “Help! I… Continue reading Your Feet and Your Travels

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Hiking Hawaii: Maui

It’s Maui Monday! One of Steve’s and my favorite things to do when we travel is hike, and Hawaii has no shortage of beautiful hikes across each and every island. Maui’s nickname is the Valley Isle, so you can imagine the lush green landscape and all the beautiful trails there are to explore. Whether you… Continue reading Hiking Hawaii: Maui

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Travel: The Best Medicine

It’s Flashback Friday! I posted this a couple of years ago, but since then I’ve come into some new information, so I thought it was time for an update! No matter how far away you go, at some point you will likely need to travel with a prescription, or maybe just some ibuprofen and melatonin… Continue reading Travel: The Best Medicine

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Travel Immunizations

It’s Wellness Wednesday! Today we’re learning about a travel topic might be pretty far down on your list of travel thoughts: immunizations! You might think about getting shots and malaria pills if you’re heading to Africa, but what about South America or Southeast Asia? No matter where you go, preparation is key!* 1. How do I… Continue reading Travel Immunizations

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Running Around the World

What’s your favorite thing to do when you travel? Try new foods? See new¬†sites? Sleep in? Mine is to run in a new place. It’s something my husband Steve and I enjoy doing together! we like to get a feel for the city we’re visiting and get the lay of the land to figure out… Continue reading Running Around the World

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Travel Well and Stay Well

It’s the Year of Active Travel! While sitting in a plane, train, or automobile may not exactly be active, I think the act of traveling–and how to stay well while on travel–deserves a mention alongside this week’s fitness-related posts. I’m reading more and more about people’s fears of illness or injury while traveling, and knowing… Continue reading Travel Well and Stay Well

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Travel Well: Gym-free Workout

It’s the Year of Active Travel! But let’s be real: you’re on vacation, and maybe you don’t want to work out. And that’s totally fine! My husband and I both like to work out when we travel because it helps us beat jet lag and keeps us strong and alert when we do the active… Continue reading Travel Well: Gym-free Workout