The Best Packing List for Your Trip to Israel

Packing for Israel can be… challenging! It’s conservative, yet progressive. It’s in the Middle East, but winters can be downright chilly! It’s desert, and yet it’s also a Mediterranean beach destination. To cut through the confusion, I’ve come up with a tried-and-true packing list for you!

Use this for your 5, 7, or 10-day trip (and truly, you can make it work for two weeks if you’re like me!). Here is your ultimate packing list for a bucket list trip to Israel and the Holy Land.

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1 Maxi Dress or Jumpsuit

Modesty matters in Jerusalem more than in Tel Aviv, but wherever you go, you’ll certainly feel comfortable if you’re covered! Go for natural fabrics like cotton or linen, and if you choose sleeveless, make sure to bring a scarf and/or jacket with you, too. And don’t forget the wrinkle releaser spray!

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3 Button-down Tops

Oh, you don’t want to wear a jacket or a scarf? No problem! I love pairing my dresses with complementary button-down shirts. Not only is an easy way to practically double your dress wardrobe options, they can go with skirts, jeans, or linen pants. Roll up the sleeves a little to keep cool while maintaining cultural modesty.

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1-2 Pair of Pants

In the winter or early spring, you’ll probably appreciate having a pair of jeans with you (Israel can get chilly in those times of year). In summer, go for linen instead. If you’re indecisive and have the room in your luggage, take one of each!

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1 Hat

Israel is very sunny, so you’ll benefit from a sun hat all year round. Also, many churches and all mosques request or require women to cover their heads to enter. The one below will take you from walking around Jerusalem into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and all the way to your float in the Dead Sea.

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1 Scarf and 1 Jacket

You can choose one or the other, but I actually recommend both! Especially in the winter or early spring, you’ll be glad you have one of each. Also, your scarf can double as a head covering in religious settings that require one.

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1-2 Hiking Outfits

If you’re not into hiking, skip this one. But if you want to see the sunrise from Masada, hike in the Valley of Elah, or explore the beautiful Red Canyon in Eilat, you’ll want to dress for the occasion! I recommend moisture-wicking materials for this one, so you can wash and rewear easily if needed.

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2 Pair of Good Walking Shoes

I recommend wearing one of these options on the plane and packing the other. You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Israel and the Holy Land, so you may as well be comfortable for it. That said, it’s also helpful to have some blister band-aids on-hand, just in case, of course!

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1 Pair of Water Shoes

Why do you need water shoes? Because the rocks and sand around the Dead Sea are rough! And I don’t have to tell what it feels like to get salt in a wound! But also, it’s a good idea to wear water shoes at the beach, as well. Yes, Israel has beaches! Whether you’re visiting Tel Aviv, Eilat, or the Dead Sea, you’ll be glad you have a pair of water shoes.

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1-2 Swimsuits

While visitors are not expected to wear the most modest of swimsuits, you may feel comfortable with more coverage as opposed to less. But you can still look as cute as you want! Here are some very cute options, as well as a great cover-up.

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1 Dry Bag

This is something I recommend for every trip that involves beaches, pools, or solo travel. It’s not good to leave your stuff on shore, but you REALLY want to get in the water, you know? A dry bag is the perfect solution. You can put anything in it, and not only is it waterproof, it floats!

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