5 Beautiful Ways to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

Never travel without a scarf! Aside from the intended purpose of being a scarf, it can also be a blanket on the plane, a towel in a pinch, or an accessory to give your limited travel wardrobe a totally different look! Here are my five favorite ways to wear, style, and use a scarf to make the most of my clothes on travel. What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?


This one is easy! Just drape it around the back of your neck and let it fall down the front over each shoulder. This breaks up the outfit you’re already wearing, giving you a fresh look. Think of it as an accessory instead of (or in addition to) a necklace!

The drape

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The main difference between the drape and the shawl is that the shawl provides more coverage. It covers your back and arms instead of just covering your neck and then falling down the front. This is great when you need to cover your shoulders to go into a church in your travels, need to “dress it up” a little to go to dinner, or if you just want more coverage because it’s chilly outside!

The shawl

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Infinity Scarf

I love an infinity scarf! They’re warm, they’re cute, they completely change your style! Do this with a pashmina by tying together diagonally-opposite corners of the pashmina. Wrap around a couple of times, and you’re done!

Infinity and beyond!

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Similarly to the infinity look, the wrap-around is functional as well as fashionable–it keeps you warm! It looks chic, polished, and it goes easily from overnight on the plane to a day on the town without issue.


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Wrap with a Belt

This is a style I’ve just recently discovered, and I love it! Whether you’ve spilled food down the front of your outfit or just want to look like you’re wearing something different than you wore yesterday, this is a functional, beautiful, fun style to wear!

Love this look!

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Check out my “Travel Style” section on my Packing Page for more ways to wear your favorite travel items!

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