The Best Weekend Trips in the USA

Spring is around the corner and that means summer’s coming, too! It’s travel season, y’all. And while it’s been a rough couple of years for travel, we’re not letting anything stop us this year, are we? If it’s been a while, or if you’re still a little nervous and feel more comfortable starting with a quick trip, this post is for you! Or if you’re just not ready to go international yet and want to get a few domestic trips under your belt, here are some great starting points. Here are the best places to spend a weekend in the USA!

Austin, TX

You know it’s a good time when the city’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” am I right?! Austin’s music scene is Nashville’s only rival, and even if music’s not your thing, Texas’s capital city has a little something for everyone. Foodie? Try the Tex-Mex, bar-be-q, and Texas-sized breakfast pancakes! Shopper? You’ll love the quirky boutiques on SoCo and beyond! Prefer to relax in the great outdoors? Rent a kayak on Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River, or take in the view from Mount Bonnell! Influencer? You won’t want to miss the murals all over town!

Keep Austin Weird
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Boston, MA

Need a shot of history with a side of baseball? Boston is the place for you! It’s exceptionally walkable, and it’s small enough to be manageable for a couple of days over a weekend. They have amazing food (don’t skip the Boston cream pie!), so it’s a good thing this city is also famous for its running culture! While you’re taking a running tour, be sure to stop off at some of the sites on the Freedom Trail to evoke your inner patriotism, too!

Rub elbows with Paul Revere while you’re in town.
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Charleston, SC

Charleston is one of the most famous (or infamous!) cities in the South. It’s an easy trip for a solo traveler or couple looking for a weekend getaway any time of year. I’ve done it solo a few times myself! Known for its hospitality, food, and 400+ churches, “The Holy City” is also home to house museums, plantation tours, and this iconic Pineapple Fountain!

The Pineapple Fountain is one of the most iconic symbols of Charleston!
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Chicago, IL

It had never been at the tippy-top of my list, but when Steve and I needed to get away for a weekend, all the non-stop flights between IAD and ORD were hard to pass up! And you know what? We had a marvelous time! We did the Skydeck at Willis Tower, got pictures at “The Bean,” took the “L” like locals, and had (more than) our fill of Chicago-style, deep dish pizza! We’ll go back again, and if you haven’t been, I hope you’ll give it a try soon!

Everyone needs a photo op with the Bean!
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Key West, FL

This one was so nice, we visited twice! We first flew here in January 2021, mostly to get far from D.C. during inauguration weekend, but we quickly found it suited us! The coffee, the tropical feel, the Key lime pie… We are fans! In fact, we took my parents here the following June to celebrate their anniversary. They still talk about it!

And who knew there were so many interesting museums here? Whether you want to see Hemingway’s six-toed cats, President Truman’s “Little White House,” or butterflies and flamingoes at the Butterfly Conservatory, you’ll find some quirky sites to be admired here. Or perhaps national Parks are on your list? You won’t want to miss Dry Tortugas National Park, accessible only by ferry or exciting seaplane ride!

Don’t leave without sampling some strong Cuban coffee!
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Miami Beach, FL

Need some sunshine to recharge your life batteries? Miami Beach is the weekend getaway for you! Those with an eye for art and architecture will love the art deco vibe, and the lifeguard stands on the beach as well. A walk along the boardwalk to South Pointe Park will give you all the vitamin D you can handle, and a visit to the Botanical Gardens will lift even the wintriest of spirits. And not to mention the beautiful miles of beach! Pro Tip: Bring sunscreen.

Sunrise on Miami Beach can’t be beat!
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Nantucket, MA

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous going to Nantucket. I’m not exactly “preppy” or even what anyone would call “fashionable.” I’m a Southern girl who grew up on a farm and who carries her own luggage! But the people there were so kind, entirely generous, and never let me feel out of place! It’s truly one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever visited, and between your own two feet and a bike, you can traverse practically the whole island in a matter of days! You’ll have to take a tiny plane to get here, but it’ll be worth it–and you’ll get a scenic flight of the island to boot!

Nantucket has some of the most beautiful hydrangeas in the country!
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Nashville, TN

My beloved Nashville has really changed since I lived there, much of it for the better! But the classics haven’t changed much. Broadway is still the place to go for live music–some of the best can be heard coming from the sidewalks, in fact. GooGoos are still the sweet treat that’s hard to beat. And the Batman Building still looms over with a watchful eye. Oh, and there’s a Parthenon you won’t want to miss as well. It’s true!

Wait, there’s a full-scale Parthenon in Nashville?!
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Savannah, GA

I’ve been a lot of places, but I have to say, Savannah is one of my favorite cities–in the South, in the United States, and in the world. It’s unbearably beautiful, what with its fountains, squares, and Spanish moss. It also has some of the best food anywhere, so come hungry! Want a dose of history? Check out the house museums, nearby plantations, or go a little out of the ordinary and visit the Prohibition Museum! Feeling spooky? Savannah is one of the best places for a ghost tour!

I truly can’t say enough good things about Savannah. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer, more leisurely visit, and it’s also ideal for solo travelers, couples, or families. It’s a convenient stop on a road trip along the East Coast, and it’s convenient to both Savannah and Hilton Head airports. What are you waiting for?!

Don’t miss the iconic Forsyth Fountain!
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Stowe, VT

If the South is not your thing–maybe you prefer less heat–head north! Steve and I took a bucket list trip to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT, one year in the fall, and we just so happened to be there for peak fall color! If mountains, hiking, skiing, maple syrup, or ice cream tasting pique your interest, Stowe is the place for you. It’s a small town that’s reminiscent of European Alpine villages, there are few chain stores, and its New England charm will leave you wanting more. A weekend is not enough, but it’s enough for a start!

Fall is a beautiful time for a weekender in Vermont!
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Washington, D.C.

I’m a Tennessee girl at my roots, but having lived in the D.C. area since 2008, I probably know more about D.C. than anywhere else in the USA! You could spend years here and still not do everything, but it’s remarkable how much you can do in just a weekend. Everyone should see the monuments and pick a couple of Smithsonian Museums to visit, but don’t be afraid to find the more obscure things to do, like hiking around Roosevelt Island, taking the metro to Old Town Alexandria for a few hours, or going out for Ethiopian food!

One of the most iconic monuments in the world overlooks one of the world’s most powerful cities.
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