The 10 Best Things to Do in Key West

Key West was the sunshiney, happy, fun island vacation we needed, right when we needed it! We had great food, iconic experiences, and even had a few “firsts” while we were there. Here’s our top 10 list of the things we did, and the things we think need to make their way on to your list!

10. Tour the Oldest House

Start here! This was a great little tour with loads of background information that will help you enjoy Key West even more. Not only that, they have an absolutely gorgeous garden space out back! It’s easy to find on Duvall Street, and I know you won’t want to miss it.

The Oldest House, Key West
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9. Have a Frozen Cafe con Leche at Keys Coffee Co.

This was the best coffee I had in all of Key West, and I only got a sip! I got the coconut breve because it sounded the most “island-y” and it was the “thing” to get at this coffee shop. Steve got the frozen cafe con leche, and it was definitely the more fun choice! It was like a coffee milkshake–but better. Don’t miss out!

Skip everything else and get the frozen cafe con leche!
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8. Take in the View from the Key West Lighthouse

This was an unexpected treat! We made friends with a local with ties to the museums in Key West, and he kindly gave us a pass for a complimentary visit to the lighthouse. We actually love to find a high point and get a lay of the land, so this was perfect. I definitely recommend a visit to the lighthouse and its museum–both of which are included in your ticket!

Key West Lighthouse
The view!
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7. Take Your Picture at the Southernmost Point

You have to do it! If you go to Key West and don’t take a picture at the Southernmost Point, there’s not actual evidence that you were ever in Key West at all. (Wink, wink!) But really, it’s not hard to avoid the line if you go early (before 10:00am), and the sun is in a better position in the morning anyway. Fun fact, though: this is not the southernmost point in the United States, only the continental United States! The southernmost point in all of the USA is actually on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Got to take this iconic photo!
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6. Explore the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

This was well worth a visit! Mel Fisher was a “wrecker” (shipwreck hunter) or “salver” (someone who salvages from shipwrecks) who salvaged actual treasure from a ship off the shores of Key West in the 1980s! Much of that treasure is on display here. Parts of the Spanish ship Atocha and its treasure are still at the bottom of the sea, but this museum will hit the highlights for you!

Solid gold!
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5. Get Coffee at the Cuban Coffee Queen

And get a picture with the mural! This is such a fun spot for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or supper, but the best part is the coffee ice cubes in their iced coffees. You won’t have to worry about it getting watered down as they melt! I can also recommend the Cuban Mix sandwich!

Iced cafe con leche!
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4. Visit President Truman’s Little White House Museum

Did you know there’s a president’s house you can tour in Florida? You can, and it’s in Key West! This was a great tour, especially for history lovers, but FYI, you’re not allowed to take photos inside. Why? It’s still an active presidential retreat, so the no photo rule is for security purposes. It’s still worth a visit, though!

Truman’s Little White House
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3. Visit the Hemingway House Museum

Like the Southernmost Point, a trip to Key West is not complete without a trip to Hemingway’s House! It was fun to learn about the man behind the legend, all four of his wives, how he spent his “last cent,” and of course, meet all the sweet, 6-toed cats!

Hemingway’s Key West Home
Don’t forget to make friends with the six-toed cats!
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2. Take a Seaplane to Dry Tortugas National Park

This was one completely epic experience! Neither Steve nor I had ever been in a seaplane before, but it was a ton of fun. Landing and taking off from the water was so exciting, as was the scenic flight and getting to see the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson from the air. It was well worth taking the seaplane over the ferry!

One of the most epic experiences of all my travels!
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1. Try ALL the Key Lime Pie

This was the best part! We tried to eat all the key lime pie, but of course, three days was not enough! It sure was fun, trying, though. My personal favorite was the meringue-topped variety we found at both Blue Heaven and Moondog Cafe, but chocolate-covered wasn’t too bad either!

Don’t skip the chocolate-covered key lime pie!
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