The Best American Made Gifts for Travelers

I am always looking for American made everything—gifts, clothes, home decor, jewelry—all of it! They haven’t been so easy to find in the past, but that is definitely improving. In fact, I started an Instagram Story Series called American Made Mondays (always saved in my highlights) to show off my favorite things that are made in the USA!

So that’s the inspiration for the post that’s kicking off my Gifts for Travelers series this holiday season. If you or someone in your life is committed to buying American made products, anything from these companies will show your loved one that you’re paying attention!

Lilli Dokken

I grew up with Lillian and her older sister Lyndsey, and I am absolutely floored by the stunning jewelry Lillian makes! She is truly living her dream, but just as important, she’s committed to making all her jewelry in America. She finds vintage gems, metals, and other materials, then repurposes them into gorgeous jewelry that I absolutely adore. Whether it’s a special occasion, a lunch date with a girl friend, or just a day I want to feel extra pretty, I always go back to my Lilli Dokken pieces. And you know I am all about accessories to change up my outfits on travel! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @lillidokken.

Lillian’s jewelry is always so elegant!
For delivery by Christmas, your order must be placed by December 15 (but earlier is better)!
Use code QUICKWHITT10 for 10% off! (That’s two “T”s!)

Me and Mary Watercolor Art

My sweet friend Rachel got me a very meaningful water color of my favorite town in America: Old Town Alexandria. I love it! It features some of the town’s most iconic sites, and I love that it was hand-painted right here in the USA! The artist also sells greeting cards, calligraphs inspirational quotes, and paints historic sites around the D.C. area. Me and Mary will even paint a custom home portrait for you, or as a gift for your family or friends. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @me_and_mary_shop.

Note: The deadline to order custom portraits for 2021 has passed, but a custom portrait would also be something special for Valentine’s Day, an upcoming birthday, or perhaps a milestone occasion in 2022!

One of my favorite inspirational quotes–both at home and abroad.
2021 Christmas orders must be placed by December 4.
Use code MERRY2021 for 15% off orders of $50 or more!


If you’ve been following the blog for approximately five minutes, you know I LOVE Truly-Life! Their solid bath products are truly the best, and everything is made in small batches right in Alexandria, Virginia. My favorites are their luxurious solid lotions (perfect for travel!), shampoo and conditioner bars, and soap-infused natural loofahs (I love the lavender, jasmine, and red honeysuckle scents best)!

They also sell lovely gifts sets, so if you’re not sure where to start, you can get a little sampling in their Clay Mask and Spa Kit, Coffee Cocoa Mask Kit, Eco Skin Gift Set, From the Heart Gift Set, or Three Bar Soap Set! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram @trulylife2008.

From the Heart Gift Set
Remember, 2021 Christmas orders must be placed by December 15.
Use code QUICKWHIT for 25% off!

Calyan Wax Co. Candles

I actually found out about this company through another favorite, Marie Mae Company! I have loved every candle I’ve gotten from Calyan Wax Co, not only for their scents, but also for they beautiful candle jars. They have unique scent combinations (as a middle child, I love all things unique!) infused with essential oils. All their candles are made with 100% soy, are non-toxic and phthalate-free, and are–you guessed it–made in the USA!

More importantly, a portion of the proceeds from these candles goes to help survivors of human trafficking. I learned about this company through my friends at Marie Mae Company mentioned above, so it’s a classic case of small businesses helping small businesses–which I LOVE! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @calyanwaxco.

Gingerbread, vanilla, and clove–the best scents of the season!
2021 Christmas orders must be placed by December 10.
Get 20% off when you use the code QUICKWHIT at checkout!

Living Above the Limit Custom Denim Jackets

My friend Caroline is a fellow author and entrepreneur started doing something new this year with her Living Above the Limit apparel brand: Custom painted jackets! She is so artistically talented, and I could watch the timelapse videos of her painting these jackets all day long! She painted one for me with my Quick Whit logo and a little pink airplane on the front pocket, and I absolutely love it!

She can paint anything you want, and the price of shipping and the jacket are included in the cost. Check out her Instagram @livingabovethelimit for more jackets, and send her a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram or check out her Etsy Shop to order one for yourself or a loved one!

I LOVE my jacket!
Due to the custom nature of these jackets, 2021 Christmas orders must be placed by December 1!

*The links below are Amazon affiliate links. This means that when you click any of the links to shop with me, you’ll be supporting my small business at no additional cost to you! I do not make a commission on links above that are not from Amazon, but the small businesses do!

Travel-inspired Books

Did you know that the books Amazon publishes are printed in the USA? It’s true! All my books, including Princess Culture, the Lost and Found Series, and Secret Agent Girl are all printed in America. All my books are available via Kindle and Paperback as well. They make perfect gifts, especially for the travel enthusiast in your life!

Princess Culture

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She knew she was destined for greatness. She knew that greatness came with responsibilities. She knew the King would protect her, though she’d never seen Him face to face. She wished her duties came with an instruction manual. And then she found this book!

The princess culture in our world today has taken over everything: our childhood toys, our books, our movies, and our attitudes. Girls and women today are told from birth that they are a “princess” who deserves the best. Her knight will come to rescue her in due course, and she will live happily ever after in the very lap of luxury. Sounds great, right? But what if the true Daughters of the King shifted that Princess Culture from a worldly one to a Heavenly one? The results could grow the Kingdom exponentially.

In Princess Culture, Christian girls are cordially invited on a journey that could change the course of history by changing their futures. Are you brave enough to live the Princess Culture?

The Lost and Found Series

Sadie Taylor has never taken a vacation. In the six years since she graduated college and started working as a proofreader for a company in Nashville, she has accumulated 480 PTO hours (that’s Paid Time Off). When her company’s new owners tell her she has to use them all in the next six months, she panics!

Her whole life has been tied up in school and work, and that’s how she likes it, or so she believes. Her adventures and misadventures against the backdrop of her travels around the United States and abroad could make for some great stories to tell her co-workers… but she has to survive those adventures first!

Secret Agent Girl

Minnie Jo Young is cute. Sweet. Nice. Overlooked. Underestimated. Unassuming. And suddenly unemployed.

When she gets fired from her high-security clearance job at NACA, the space agency, she finds herself forced into a major life change. With the realization that the sky is no longer the limit, she chooses to pursue her dream job: Travel blogging!

That is, until the Secret Intelligence Agency decides travel blogging is the perfect cover—for their newest spy. One problem: Minnie doesn’t want to be a spy!

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