How to Choose the Ultimate Anniversary Getaway

Our sixth wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and our much-anticipated trip to Lana’i, Hawaii, has been cancelled for COVID. We’re disappointed, but not mad about it. It’s out of everyone’s control, and it’s for the best right now. We’ll go when we’re allowed, but for now, we’re celebrating at home! If you’re looking for a fantastic place to spend your anniversary in the coming years, this post has all the inspiration you’ll need!

1. A Second Honeymoon

Remind yourself of how it was to be newlyweds and go back to your honeymoon destination! Whether that was a couple of days in Gatlinburg or a 10-day tour across Scandinavia, going back to where your married life started is sure to hold special meaning. See what’s different, see what’s the same, and see each other with fresh eyes.

We loved beautiful Bergen, Norway! It was our favorite stop on our honeymoon in May 2014!
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2. An Island

Steve and I spent our first anniversary on O’ahu. I thought I’d like it, but I didn’t realize I’d love it! In fact, we both loved it so much, we decided while we were there that we should visit an island for our anniversary every year. Islands are inherently relaxing, time seems to move slower, there’s only so much to do, there’s only so far you can go, and you are quite literally detached from the rest of the world. If you want to go somewhere relaxing, fun, friendly, and beautifully romantic, go to an island.

Happiest on island time.
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3. A Beach Getaway

Think islands and beaches are the same? Not so fast! Not all islands have warm, white sand beaches, and not all beaches are on islands! If you want the beach life without a long flight, boat ride, or committed detachment, a trip to the beach is for you. My parents like to go to Cape San Bas on the panhandle of Florida. California has some of the most famous beaches in the country and the world! Beach towns are laid-back, charmingly kitschy, and perfect for feeling far away from the rest of of the world.

Long walks on the beach are not just cliche… they’re romantic!
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4. The Mountains

Not a pair of tropical fans? No worries! The mountains might be the best place for you! Just imagine how romantic it could be… snowy slopes, roaring fire, cozy blankets—how romantic! Think about Banff, Denver, Zermatt, or perhaps the Green Mountains in Vermont! Mountain destinations offer scenic hiking trails, skiing, snowboarding, or just sipping coffee and watching the great outdoors! If you’re mountain people, embrace it… and each other!

Snowy mountains are a wonderful setting for a cuddle session!
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5. A Real Adventure

Need to spice up your lives? An anniversary is the ideal time for that! An adventure can help you bond, remind you to depend on each other, and reignite your love for each other! Getting out of your normal life routine might just be the shock to the system you both need so you can reconnect without the distractions of daily life. Take a road trip, go for long hikes in a new place, go skydiving to see what you’re made of! Whatever you choose, choose to do it together, and don’t back down!

Do something unexpected!
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6. A Staycation

Maybe you can’t make a big trip happen this year. That doesn’t mean your day can’t be special! This is your chance to do that thing you keep putting off because you “can do it any time.” This is the moment to visit that museum or treat yourself to that fancy new restaurant downtown! Get a room (in an actual hotel or bed and breakfast), turn off your phones, and make the absolute most of your staycation-aversary!

Even though we’ve both lived in the D.C. area for over a decade, it’s still special to actually go into D.C. once in a while!
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7. A Family Trip

Your marriage was the beginning of your family, so that’s worth celebrating, too! Maybe your dream anniversary involves being surrounded by the family you created, complete with kids, grandkids, or even great-grandkids! Make the plan! Rent a house at the beach, meet up in the same city, do whatever it takes to make that trip happen.

Don’t wait until the next wedding to see the whole family again!
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8. A Trip of a Lifetime

You know there’s that place you and your spouse have always dreamt of visiting. Make this the year it happens! We never know what life will bring from year to year—COVID-19 taught us that in a very real way!—so don’t wait another year to take that epic, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Whether it’s a week on the Galapagos Islands, a trip to Uluru in Australia’s red centre, or an other-worldly road trip across New Zealand, don’t wait!

If Uluru is on your bucket list, don’t wait for the right time. The right time is now!
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9. A Fairytale Journey

Life can be great, but there are moments when it’s no fairytale! But you can make your anniversary a fairytale if you want! Go tour the castles of Europe. Stay in a castle accommodation! An actual prince lives in the castle below, located in Liechtenstein. On a trip to Tallinn, Estonia, we couldn’t help but feel like we’d walked into a real-life, medieval fairytale! Make your wife feel like a princess. Give your husband reason to feel like your knight in shining armor! Who doesn’t love a good castle, right?

Real castles still exist. Go find them!

10. The Ultimate Romantic Trip

Fairytales are dreamy, but maybe something else is romantic to you and your spouse. What’s your idea of a romantic trip? Does it involve taking a gondola ride in Venice? Riding in a horse-drawn carriage in snowy Montreal? Or maybe you want to “lock your love” on one of the many love lock locations around the world? Whatever romance is to you, make the effort to do it. If your spouse has a different opinion of what’s romantic, do both!

There are beautiful places to steal a kiss in Romeo and Juliet’s home town!
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What’s your favorite anniversary destination? Comment below to spark everyone’s wanderlust!

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