How to Love Your Staycation

Updated June 1, 2020.

As we all know, COVID-19 has derailed many a trip in the last few months, especially the month of March. We’re all pretty much over this quarantine business, but as a result of quarantine, a lot of us are also short on cash. Enter: the Staycation.

Staycations came into vogue during the Great Recession, and while it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be a fun idea, you might be surprised! Staycations are a great way to save money, try new things, and be as flexible as possible—flexible travel plans are all the rage now, you know! Here are a few ways to love a staycation.

Check Out Your City on Trip Advisor

Or if you’re not into Trip Advisor, just Google “Things to do in ________” and fill in the blank with your city, or a city within driving distance! There will probably be a thing or two you’ve never even heard of, and certainly some new things that have come up since the last time you played tourist in your hometown. Start making a list of ideas for your trip, and you just might find yourself getting excited for your staycation!

Do the touristy things! As a local, you probably know the best times to go to avoid crowds and long lines!
My Local Favorite: How to Tour the Washington Monument

Find Off-the-beaten Path Things to Do

You’re a local! You should know all the coolest places! Do a little Googling, ask your friends, and find a few “secret” places even you didn’t know about before. That will make your staycation feel a little more like a vacation to somewhere new!

Only the locals know where to find this life-size statue of Teddy!
There’s More! Find Out What’s Hidden in Obscure D.C.

Get a Room

You read that right! The best way to truly get away from your real life is to literally set yourself up somewhere other than your home. Local bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and even big chain hotels will all need a boost when the COVID-19 travel bans and restrictions are lifted for the travel industry. You can help them by staying with them, and you will enjoy your staycation more knowing you get a night (or two!) off from home!

One of the major benefits of staying at a hotel is getting to spend a full day in the city. I live in Reston, which is a solid hour from downtown D.C. I can’t just pop in for a morning run, go home to shower, and head back in for a day of sightseeing! Take full advantage of early morning or late night and maybe see your city in a different light!

As a local, you can go when the rates are good! I found a steal of a deal to stay at the only 5-star hotel in D.C.!
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Only Eat at New-to-you Restaurants

I know you’ve got your favorite places to eat, but you always go to those places. So decide to only try new places for all your staycation meals. You will definitely find yourself feeling more like you’re vacationing in a new place, and you just might find a new favorite!

Never been to a proper afternoon tea? See if there’s a tea room or restaurants that offers it in your town!
Keep Reading: Afternoon Tea at the Willard Intercontinental, D.C.

Leave Responsibilities at Home

This is perhaps the most important factor in making the most of your staycation: leave the home stuff at home! And the work stuff, while you’re at it. Treat this like a real vacation and leave your worries behind. This is your break! Let loose and enjoy the moment.

Give yourself a moment to breathe and just take it all in.

Once you get a solid staycation under your belt, start thinking globally again! I recently wrote about How to Help the Travel Industry Bounce Back!

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  1. Solid. The hotel is the key which I hadn’t thought of. It’s “vacation”, treat it as such.

      1. I want to do some of the Nashville things downtown that i’ve never done (because i’m from here!) Johnny Cash Museum and Country Music HOF. That’s what the $1200 check is for.

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