What to Eat in Montreal

Updated June 27, 2020.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Come along with me for some hardy eats in snowy Montreal, Canada!

First Up: Poutine!

You just really shouldn’t come to Montreal unless you plan to get poutine. Some people claim it was invented in Montreal! Classic poutine is made of French fries and cheese curds, covered in brown gravy. I got mine with chicken (pictured below), but it comes in all sorts of ways! Get yours with smoked meat, lobster, sausage, and more!

Poutine with Chicken

Smoked Meat Sandwich

Wow! This smoked meat thing really is fantastic. It’s stacked between two slices of bread with mustard, and is just what the high winds, snowy days, and sub-freezing temperatures call for!

Smoked Meat Sandwich

Crepes with Real Maple Syrup

Montreal is a little taste of France in North America, so crepes were high on my food list! Add in fresh whipped cream and real maple syrup, and you have breakfast! Have them plain, stuffed, or covered in peanut butter!



Whether you choose cheese or chocolate, fondue is the thing to do! It’s warm, it’s smooth, and it’s delicious! Ours came with various breads, veggies, and fruit!

Fondue cheese
Bread and fruit


Montreal is known for its bagel scene. This bagel and smoked salmon sandwich came with a delightful crock of French onion soup as well! Just right after a day of walking the cobbled streets in the snow.

Bagel with smoked salmon and capers

Pastries and Baked Goods

Because you must visit a patisserie and boulangerie in a town that is so proud of its French culture and background! You will not be disappointed!

Macarons of all colors!
Apple cake covered in caramel


Montreal’s coffee is definitely influenced by the European style. Need a caffeine boost or a warm-up from the inside out on a cold Montreal afternoon? Pop into one of Montreal’s many coffee shops and sip your way through an (espresso or two!) while you watch the flakes fall!


Are you ready for a foodie visit to beautiful Montreal? We recommend it! For all my Montreal tips and recommendations, check out my Canada Page!

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