Romantic Things to Do in Zurich

Updated August 15, 2020.

Happy Valentine’s Day! My husband Steve and I have spent many a romantic Valentine’s Day around the world, but this year we are opting to stay home and enjoy a long weekend together. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to spark your romantic wanderlust! We made sure to do some romantic things on our recent trip to Zurich, despite being a bit under the weather.

I planned for there to be 10 romantic things, but between the hot teas, the Alka-seltzer Plus, the authentic Ricola, and the much-needed rest, we decided in this case, quality beats quantity. So here’s the short list of essential romance to be had in Switzerland’s financial capitol!

Pop into a Cafe in the Altstadt

Is there anything more romantic than strolling an old city with the one you love? Maybe, but not to me! I just love it. Admire the architecture, step into the churches, window shop, read some menus, and step into one of the many romantic little cafes for a sweet or a coffee!

Steve knows the way to my heart: sweets in an Old Town cafe!
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Take in the Views from the Lindenhof

The Lindenhof is an old Roman fort overlooking the river and the Altstadt (Old Town) to the east. It’s a gorgeous vantage point for a view and there’s a beautiful park up there, too! So grab something to-go from Migro or Coop grocery stores, and have a picnic up there with a view!

Few places are more picturesque than an old town!
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Hike Uetilberg Mountain

I love hiking with my husband! I’m not ashamed that sometimes this short but determined hiker needs help, and Steve is always there to help me, even if it means he needs to back-track on my account. It’s also romantic to get a little bit lost in the woods, kiss on a wooden bridge over a creek, and work together when we need to!

The best hikes are the ones we take together!
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Stroll Along Lake Zurich

The lake is a main feature and tourist attraction in Zurich. You can take a boat ride, have dinner, or do any number of watersports on the lake, but a walk along the shoreline is one of the most romantic things to do in Zurich!

Be on the lookout for all kinds of birds on the lake, including beautiful swans!
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Dine at Sprungli

This is one of the most romantic things Steve can do for me: go out to eat at a nice restaurant! I know our life looks lavish, but we can travel as much as we do in part because dining out is not a priority. We cook almost every meal at home, except of course, when we travel! Sprungli is a Swiss confectionary, but some of their locations also serve breakfast and lunch! This was such a romantic thing for us to do, since we don’t go out to eat often in real life, and for us, the price tag was worth it. (Surprisingly, the portion sizes were quite large for European standards!)

The best-tasting ravioli I’ve ever eaten!
Don’t skip the Luxemburgli macarons at Sprungli!
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