Your Ultimate Guide to Hiking Uetliberg Mountain, Zurich

Updated August 15, 2020.

I love a good hike! Even when my husband and I visit major cities around the world, if there’s a place to hike nearby, we will find it. So I was delighted to find out there’s a hike up a mountain just a short tram ride away from the Zurich City Center. Here’s everything you need to know to hike it yourself on your next trip to Zurich.

How to Get There

The Uetliberg Tailhead is about 2.5 miles from the Zurich City Center, so while walking is possible, we preferred to take the tram that distance, since it’s another 4-5 miles uphill from there! You can take the train from the Zurich Train Station, or take the more scenic tram! We actually bought our tram tickets from the concierge at our hotel and all we had to do was validate them and hop on the tram! The number 14 to Tremli will make its final stop just down the street from the trail. The ride takes about 20 minutes and is a fun way to see some sites along the way!

Getting our tickets validated at the tram stop!
The #14 tram to Tremli will take you right to the trail.
Just up the road to the trailhead!
We kind of took the long way up, but it sure was pretty!
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You could also take this same road up to a train station that goes back and forth to the Uetliberg summit. If the hike up was enough for you, you can hike up and take the train down!

This is a dedicated Uetliberg Train!

The Hike

So, the hike itself was a bit confusing. There are many trails to the top, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which trail you’re on when they intersect! But it’s a beautiful hike, and it’s about the journey, not the destination! We did not take the most direct route to the top, but we did enjoy getting there. The trail is mostly dirt and gravel, with some paved sections and a couple of wooden bridges throughout.

Ready to hike!
Up and up!
Don’t miss those views of Zurich below!
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What to Do at the Top

There’s actually a lot to do and see at the highest point in Zurich! Check out some of the options:

Take in the views of Zurich!
Keep going! There are several other places to hike to once you get to the top.
Climb the Observation Tower.
Refuel! There are multiple options from grab-and-go to a sit-down meal at a hotel. I recommend the Veal Roesti, Zurich Style!
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What to Bring

As with any hike, preparation is key! Make sure you bring a good day pack for your reusable water bottle (Pro Tip: you can refill it at any of the decorative fountains in all of Switzerland!), and snacks.

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