Winter Packing for Men: Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Or rather, What He Wore Wednesday. If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you know we just got home from an amazing time in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I’ve already let you in on my wardrobe and winter packing tips for ladies, but boys need to keep warm, too! Here’s what my husband packed for our trip. And hopefully it will help you decide what to pack, too!

All about that Base (Layer)

My husband likes the cold, but there comes a point even for him when the cold is too much! So I got him these long johns for Christmas one year. Now we can hike in the snow!

That’s right: good old Long Johns!

The Essentials

Boys, do not forget to pack enough socks or undies, especially in a cold climate!

Socks and undies for the trip!

Everyday Wear

My husband has a uniform: polo shirts and jeans! That makes him easy to pack for. He only has one long-sleeved polo, however, so he may have re-worn that one on the trip! The two sweaters below will help keep him warm in the absence of more long-sleeve polos.

Polos and blue jeans: wardrobe of champions
Sweaters to go over the polos

Keeping Warm

In addition to long johns, My sweet husband kept warm with heavy gloves, two toboggan hats, glove liners, head ring to keep his ears warm, and two scarves. He will not be catching cold as long as I’m packing for him!

Got to keep warm!

Working Out

My sweet husband works out every day! That means I do a lot of laundry at the house. And that also means he packs a different pair of workout clothes for each day. So here are the choices for both indoor and outdoor workouts:

Indoor Workout Fun
Outdoor Workout Fun

I hope this gets you well on your way to packing for your own Want more? Check out my Packing Page for the best tips, hacks, and packing strategies!

And for all the best things to do and eat in these countries, you’ll want to explore my Switzerland and Liechtenstein Pages!

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