Best of Bruges Deal: Everything You Need to Know

We did it! We finally returned to Europe in December 2021, on our first international trip since January 2020. That’s too long for us NOT to be using our passports! We decided to visit Belgium in December for its Christmas markets, but also because it’s a country I hadn’t visited yet.

While researching for our Belgium trip, I stumbled across something called the “Best of Bruges Deal.” It sounded almost too good to be true, but it’s true! There are three choices, and any visitor staying in Bruges at least two nights in a row is eligible to get one of the deals. We chose the Sightseeing, Museum, and Attractions deal, but this post will get you a sneak peek at all three deals so you can make the best choice for your trip.

What is the Best of Bruges Deal?

The short answer: It’s 50 Euros worth of the Bruges experience for free! You simply sign up online, pick it up when you arrive, and start enjoying it. Here are the options.

Note: The Best of Bruges Deal is limited to one deal per reservation, not one deal per person!

Deal 1: Bruges in a Box

Get a sense of Bruges from its foods and culture with €50 worth of these iconic items:

  • Beer
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Virtual Tour
  • Board Game
  • Belgian Recipes
  • And Small Surprises
Get a taste of the real Bruges… Chocolate included!
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Deal 2: Shopping and Tasting

Gift Vouchers worth combined €50 to be used at stores listed on Cadeaubon Brugge, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Leisure and Sports Goods
  • Culinary Specialties
  • Wellness and Beauty Services
Dine at some of Bruges’s best restaurants!
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Deal 3: Sightseeing, Museums, and Attractions

This is the one we chose. It came with five €10 vouchers for various activities around the town. We were delighted to see that several things we planned to do were on the list:

  • Guided Tour
  • Segway Tour
  • Bike Carriage
  • Boudewijn Seapark
  • Seafront
  • Canal Boat Tour
  • Horse-drawn Carriage Ride
  • Concertgebouw (Concert Building) Circuit
  • City Tour
  • Private and City Museums
The best thing we did with our vouchers was the canal boat tour!
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How Do I Get the Best of Bruges Deal?

The only requirement is that you must be staying in Bruges at least two nights, and you must show proof when applying for the deal and when you pick it up upon arrival.

  1. Go to the Visit Bruges website and click on the Best of Bruges Deal banner.
  2. Choose your favorite deal: Bruges in a Box, Shopping and Tasting, or Sightseeing, Museums, and Attractions.
  3. Click on “Apply for Your Best of Bruges Deal” at the bottom of the Best of Bruges Home Page.
  4. Fill in the form. Have your travel dates, booking date, and proof of stay at a Bruges hotel ready (we used a screen shot of our e-mailed booking confirmation from
  5. You will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your Best of Bruges Deal.
The boat tours were exactly 10 Euro per person!
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Where Do I Pick It Up in Bruges?

When you arrive in Bruges, go to the information office at Market Square (Historium) to show them your e-mail confirmation and proof of your hotel stay to pick it up. It was easy, quick, and the people working there are friendly. They seemed happy to answer all my questions!

The Historium is the building with the skinny tower.
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Highlights of the Sightseeing, Museums, and Attractions Deal

We are so glad we found the Best of Bruges Deal! I mean, how can you turn down €50 for FREE? To be honest, it would have been easier if the €10 vouchers had been “one free admission” instead of a monetary amount, since the museums and attractions were hardly ever €10; prices ranged from €6 to €18.50! Regardless, we had fun with the things we chose. Here are the highlights!

The Diamond Museum

This little museum was fascinating! It was also the perfect thing to do on a cold, rainy day. I honestly had very little knowledge about diamonds in general, so I learned a lot here. The museum takes you through the history of diamonds, the diamond making and finishing processes, cuts, colors, and more! No photos are allowed inside, just FYI. They have a small gift shop at the museum itself, plus a fine jewelry store (with real diamonds) adjacent to the museum, so be sure to take a look on your way out!

The Diamond Museum and Gift Shop

Belfort Belfry

This was very high up on my “must do” list because I love a challenge that ends with a great view! The Belfort Belfry takes you up 366 steps (with a few breaks along the way!) to the top of this 13th century carillon, but you’re rewarded with sweeping views of the city of Bruges from every angle.

Ready to climb?
The view from the top is worth climbing the 366 steps!
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Canal Boat Tour

This was both Steve’s and my favorite thing we did! The value here can’t be beat (it’s exactly €10 per person), and our boat’s captain was great. Not only was he interesting, very good at pointing out interesting architecture and history, and cracking jokes, he was doing it all in both English and French! It was 30 minutes well spent, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat!

The perspective from the canal boats is different from any other view you might get!

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