Your Ultimate Guide to Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Whether you want a little military history, a little undersea adventure, or just a day at the beach, your trip to Key West needs to include a jaunt to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park! Not only is it home to a pre-Civil War fort that was active all the way through the Cuban Missile Crisis, it also has one of the best and largest beaches on the island. Here’s your quick guide to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park!

Fort Zachary Taylor


Fort Taylor dates back to 1845. Since then, it has served both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy at different times. It also functioned through the U.S. Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Volunteers in 1968 did some excavating and found long-buried Civil War guns and ammunition, and they soon realized the fort actually contained the largest number of Civil War cannons anywhere. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, and then officially became a National Historic Landmark in 1973.

Fort Zachary Taylor from the inside.

The park currently occupies 54 acres, including Key West’s “best beach,” according to popular opinion! While here, you can swim, snorkel, hike, tour the fort, and more. It’s also a prime location for bird watchers.

This one kept posing for us every time we saw him!
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Hours and Admission

Opening Hours

The park is open from 8:00am daily until sundown the same day. The fort is open from 8:00am-5:00pm daily. The cafe and beach rentals are available from 10:00am-5:00pm.


For details, visit the Florida State Parks Website for Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.

My mom is so cute hanging out by the palm trees!
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The Beach

The beach at Fort Taylor is consistently voted the best beach in Key West. The sand is white and beautiful, it’s great for snorkeling because of the clear, shallow water and coral, and because it’s part of the State Park, it’s also clean and peaceful. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are available to rent, but you can also simply claim your spot with your own towel. Water shoes are recommended.

The beach is beautiful, but don’t be fooled–it’s mostly broken and pointy pieces of coral!
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The beach here is one of the best snorkeling beaches in Key West as well. You can bring your own gear or rent some here at the park, including mask, snorkel, and fins. Spend as much or as little time as you like exploring the coral, fish, and the water!

My dad pointing out the many fish he intends to surprise on his own snorkeling adventure!
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The State Park has two short hiking trails: Tropical Hammock Trail and Fort View Trail. Combined, this loop trail is 1.2 miles and relatively flat, so it should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

You will certainly get a view of the fort… and the moat!
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Cayo Hueso Cafe

The Cayo Hueso Cafe is open for lunch, snacks, and dinner from 10:00am-6:00pm daily. You can grab a sandwich, pizza, nachos, coffee, salad, smoothie, and more here to keep you fueled for your adventures during the day.

Cayo Hueso Cafe
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What to Bring with You

There are a few things you just don’t want to forget to bring along. Trust me, you’ll be grateful you remembered to pack these items!

Water Shoes

Don’t skimp on these! Coral reefs, and their broken pieces that get washed ashore, are sharp and can cut your feet. They also carry bacteria and can cause a staph infection. Play it safe and bring your water shoes! These are available for both men and women, and come in a rainbow of colors!

Trust me, you’ll want water shoes!
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Water Bottle

Don’t go outside in Florida without water. It’s not a good idea! Bring a reusable bottle with you so you can refill it as often as you need to do so.

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If you don’t live close to an ocean you probably don’t think about reef safe sunscreen. The chemicals in regular sunscreen are harmful to sealife, including the coral reefs you’re snorkeling out to see for yourself. Reef safe sunscreens, like the one below, are just as effective as regular sunscreens, and they’re dermatologist approved! (Just ask my dermatologist–I did!)

Remember to reapply after snorkeling!
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Bug Repellent

Florida has bugs. It just does! Bring your bug repellent, and use it daily! Be sure to apply sunscreen first, allow time for it to soak in, then apply your bug repellent.

All those trees are great for shade, but the bugs like them, too!


You will not regret packing a quick-dry towel! This one is both pretty and functional.

View of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park from the air.

Dry Bag

This is an essential item, but particularly so for solo travelers. Instead of leaving your valuables on the beach, get one of these waterproof bags to hold your phone, keys, snacks, etc. while you’re in the water! You won’t have to worry about losing anything, and trust me, it is waterproof! It also floats, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down!

I never go to the beach without my dry bag!
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