The Ultimate List of Fall Destinations

It’s fall! Or is it autumn? A friend of mine from Romania asked me once, “What do you mean when you say ‘fall?’” Most Americans generally refer to the season like the “fall”-ing leaves, but around the world, the term is usually referred to as “autumn.” Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, I say!

Whatever you call it, if you’re traveling this season, you’re most likely looking for changing colors on the trees, chillier temperatures, and maybe some maple-flavored items along the way. Here are the best places to travel in the fall–and the autumn!

Asheville, North Carolina

The jewel of Asheville is definitely the Biltmore, but honestly, there’s so much more to this city in the North Carolina mountains! I visited most recently in the summer months, but this is a fall color-lover’s paradise. From hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains to leaf peeping on the Blue Ridge Parkway, from fresh mountain air on a chilly fall morning to visiting the Biltmore against a backdrop of fall colors, Asheville is a beautiful place to take a trip this fall!

Quick hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains
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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne is officially my #1 viewed destination on the blog! My friends Amanda and Brock moved there with the military just over a year ago, and I when I went to visit, I fell in love with this absolutely adorable, charming, friendly town. It may be the capital city of Wyoming, but the small town feel gave me all the feels, y’all. Cheyenne is cozy, there are amazing local shops, and you will definitely get a chance to wear those adorable cowboy boots you bought but never wear!

Don’t skip the big boots!
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Washington, D.C.

I can find things to love about D.C. any time of year, but it truly shines in the fall! The leaves change and become so vibrant, they don’t even look real. We get some warm days in the fall, which basically give me life, but mornings almost always give you that classic “chilly fall” feel. It’s also less crowded in fall, since schools are in session and haven’t started taking their big “D.C. Trip” for the year. Congress is back in session, but they’re not going to any museums during the day! I love going into D.C. in fall to avoid the crowds!

The Tidal Basin is famous in spring, but just as beautiful in fall!
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Need a break from the cold already? Me, too! Steve and I love to visit Hawaii in May for our anniversary, but last November we took a whirlwind hiking trip to O’ahu. It was perfect! I love warmth, sunshine, sundresses, the beach, ocean views, hiking, etc. And I found all of that in Hawaii in the fall. It just fed my soul. So if you’re like me and need a little “break” to make it through fall, put Hawaii at the top of your list!

Just another perfect fall day in Hawaii!
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On the opposite side of that spectrum, you could choose to visit Iceland! Fall is the perfect time to visit. You’ll still have plenty of daylight for exploring Iceland’s epic landscapes, and plenty of nighttime hours to search for the incredible Northern Lights! We visited in early October, which was perfect timing because we had just a little more night than day time, and it wasn’t unbearably cold, either.

Iceland’s epic landscapes are beautiful in fall!
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New England

New England is truly the quintessential fall trip. Whether you want a leaf peeping road trip, a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tasting, or just a stack of pancakes smothered in maple syrup, New England is the destination for you! It can also be mighty romantic. We spent an amazing weekend in Stowe a couple of years ago at peak foliage, so between the colors, the schnitzel, the hiking, and the apfelstrudel, I couldn’t imagine a better place to spend a weekend with my Love!

Perhaps the best fall trip I’ve ever taken!
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Y’all, we needed a win when we went to Salzburg, and the city delivered in the best way! We happened to be there just as the leaves were coming into peak fall color in October, and we just kept looking at each other and wondering if this experience was real! The mornings gave us that classic fall chill, the afternoons warmed up nicely, and the best part was that it wasn’t crowded at all! Fall was definitely the right time to visit beautiful Salzburg, Austria!

Crisp fall morning in Salzburg
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Ah, Venice! We absolutely loved Venice. Because being right on the water regulates the temperature a bit, it was never too cold for me, which I appreciated! It was just chilly enough to help me crave classic Italian-style comfort foods like pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna! I loved the romance, the sights, and, as always, I loved being near water. Fall was a wonderful time to visit for lower crowds, too!

Gondolas on the Grand Canal
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Anyone else love history? Williamsburg is the place for you! It’s absolutely beautiful all times of year, but to me, the fall colors make the history come alive somehow. Again, the fall is far less crowded than spring or summer, which always makes for a more pleasant travel experience. Is Colonial Williamsburg on your list?

The Governor’s Palace in fall
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Want more? Check out my Travel Tips Page for tips to travel in every season, especially the fall!

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