The Best Tips for Traveling in Fall

Fall is a beautiful time to travel! The leaves are all colors, the mornings are crisp, and the afternoons warm up nicely. But I have to admit, fall is probabaly the hardest season to pack for, and it has a few other challenges as well! But never fear. I have some tips for you to make sure your fall getaway is a success!

1. Layer Up

This one seems obvious, but I really hate having to bring layers! It’s the antithesis of packing light. But no matter what, every fall, I pack those layers–and you should, too! I have found, however, that two thin-to-medium layers can be just as effective as bulkier, large layers, so it’s all about perspective, I suppose!

Layers are key!
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2. Pack Multi-functional Clothes

The best way to pack light in the fall is to pack multi-functional clothes! A stretchy pencil skirt can be an infinity scarf, and so can a kimono! The leggings you wore on the plane can be running pants the next day. Get creative!

Pro tip: Make sure everything you pack also goes together!
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3. Be Ready for Rain or Shine

I’ve been on fall escapes that were dreary and overcast, and others that were gorgeous with not a cloud in the sky. And still others with a mix of both! Bring an umbrella, bring a poncho, and while you’re at it, bring sunscreen and sunglasses, too! Be prepared for any weather so you’re not disappointed.

Iceland in October was overcast and yet still beautiful!
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4. Check Out Off-peak Destinations

One excellent part of traveling in fall is that you can often find deals! Hawaii may not have an “off” season, but it is far less crowded in the fall than it is in the summer and around major holidays! Most of Europe is fair game as well, since their own travel season is over. National Parks also experience a lull in visitors in the fall. So grab a National Park passport and start checking some off your list!

Waikiki in November is ALWAYS a good idea!
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5. Remember Mother Nature is Not on Your Schedule

If you’re looking for peak fall leaf color, don’t stress out about it too much! We got incredibly lucky on our trip to Stowe, Vermont, a couple of years ago when we happened to catch an early peak foliage weekend. Just last year, we ended up in Salzburg just as the leaves were turning–not yet peak bloom, but still gorgeous! You can’t count on Mother Nature’s cooperation, so unless you have incredible flexibility in your travels, just shoot for October and enjoy whatever you get with that!

Not quite peak fall foliage, but still incredibly beautiful in Salzburg!
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