How to Choose the Best Hawaiian Island for You

You’re going to Hawaii! Excellent choice. It’s my favorite destination in all the world, without a doubt. One of the most overwhelming parts of planning a trip to Hawaii, however, is deciding which island (or islands) to visit. Maybe you have an island in mind, but you’re not sure what all there is to doContinue reading “How to Choose the Best Hawaiian Island for You”

What to Do on Your Last Day in Hawaii

Updated May 2020. You’re vacationing in Hawaii! Such fun! So beautiful! How entirely exciting! And you booked the latest flight out to enjoy your trip to the fullest—great idea! We always do that, too. But then you realize you have to check out of your accommodation by 11:00am. Then what? You don’t want to beContinue reading “What to Do on Your Last Day in Hawaii”

Hawaii’s Best Adventures

Updated May 2020. As you may know if you’ve ever met me, I LOVE Hawaii! I was ready to move there on my first ever trip to the islands for Steve’s and my 1st wedding anniversary. Now we’ve been to five of the six inhabited islands and I am more in love with the culture,Continue reading “Hawaii’s Best Adventures”

Movie Moments: Hawaii Adventure Movie Night

Updated May 2020. Ready for an adventure? Look no further than Hawaii, collectively one of the most-filmed locations in the world! The movie doesn’t have to be set in Hawaii to use the islands as a backdrop. Did you know Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and even Avatar have parts filmed in or inspired by Hawaii?Continue reading “Movie Moments: Hawaii Adventure Movie Night”