5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Island Getaway

I’m an island girl at heart. I just love them. I love how resourceful islanders are, I love how relaxed I feel as soon as my feet hit the ground, and I love how utterly beautiful islands are from every angle. I can’t say enough positive things about vacationing on an island, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 excellent reasons why everyone needs an island getaway.

There’s Only So Much to Do

My husband and I are doers. We like to do things when we travel. We like to try to do everything! But the beauty of an island is that there’s only so much to do. There are not endless possibilities. And you know what that means for “doers” like us? No pressure. No pressure to do too much, no pressure to leave out some of the things we want to do–we can do it all in a few days, then relax.

You did everything already? Time to lay on the beach!
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There’s Only So Far to Go

Going hand in hand with only having so much to do, there’s also only so far to go. You won’t be spending a whole vacation day in the car. You will be able to go wherever you want in a reasonable timeframe, even at slower, island-style speeds. You can drive the whole island in one day, and still have time to take it easy in the afternoon. If you find a spot you love, you don’t have to choose between seeing “everything” or going back to your favorite spot every day.

Don’t forget to take in the views from the road!
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It’s Time for Island Time

Islands require you to slow down, whether you think you’ll like it or not! The whole vibe of an island is just slower. Everyone is chill because they have to be. If the cargo ship doesn’t come in, they just have to wait a little longer for whatever was on it. That local attitude gets transferred to visitors quickly. It’s hard to resist the more laid-back lifestyle, even for those of us who are go-getters! Trust me, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get accustomed to “island time.”

Take your time; it’s all island time.
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Come for the Food

The food is just fresher on an island. Because it’s so expensive and takes so much time to ship food products in from other places, it’s easy to find local foods on islands. Fresh vegetables just have a richer taste than what you’ll find at a grocery store on the mainland. Fresh fruit just tastes juicier and sweeter. Fresh fish tastes different from the frozen kind you’ll find at your grocery store back home. One taste and you’ll be ruined on non-island food the rest of your life.

Local restaurants often get their fish, meats, and produce from their fellow locals!
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Stay for the Views

This is really what makes you want to go to the islands to begin with: The views. Green mountain peaks, every shade of blue water, dramatic cliffs, beaches of every color, waterfalls, palm trees–you have every beautiful thing available to admire. Everyone has their own preferences, but for Steve and me, islands have the most beautiful views in the world.

Every island has unique features.
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