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Updated July 21, 2020.

It’s time, everyone. Tomorrow is the last Fixer Upper of the series! But never fear–Magnolia and the Silos (and the Bakery, and now the Magnolia Table!) are here to stay! And if I know one thing about Chip and Jo, I know they are not in the business of slowing down. In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I’d give you a quick run-down of the very best of Waco from our trip last summer! Here are my top 10 highlights, in case you want to plan a trip for yourself!

10. Magnolia Seed and Supply

When I asked my mom her favorite part of the trip, the first thing that came to mind was Magnolia Seed and Supply. The little garden shed shop off in the back corner is too cute, and it’s beautifully landscaped to give you ideas for your own garden!

Magnolia Seed and Supply
The Garden
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9. A Sense of Community

Maybe it sounds crazy, but the Silos property has such a sense of community about it. Everyone is happy to be there, there are so many things to see and do, and I loved that they had Christian music playing all day long. The train chugged by mid-day, and the conductor blew the whistle and waved to everyone–it was delightful! People sat at communal tables to eat lunch from the food trucks and walked away friends; my mom even saw old friends there!

My mom with an old friend from school.

8. JDH Iron Designs

Okay, this is in Crawford, not in Waco, but it was such a pleasant surprise! I expected to see a shop with inspiring and sentimental signs for sale, but the very best part was watching the guys work in the back! You could see them cutting and sparks a-flying. It was really cool! We did not get to meet Jimmy Don, but it sure was worth the trip!

Meanwhile, back in Jimmy Don’s Shop…
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7. Harp Design Co.

With Clint’s new show, Woodwork, getting a full season on DIY Network soon, a trip to Harp Design Co. is a must! And I didn’t quite realize that the Harp House is literally just steps away! His shop has some beautiful options like chargers, tables, cutting boards, and more, so you can take a handmade piece of Waco with you!

So excited to be here!
Proof I was really there! That’s Harp House in the background!
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6. Seeing More to Come

There are already tons of exciting Fixer Upper and Magnolia-related things to do and see in Waco and surrounds, but there is undoubtedly more coming down the pike! When we visited in June 2017, work was on-going at the Elite Cafe, now the Magnolia Table! I was so excited to see the finished product in last week’s episode–almost as excited as I was to see that it was under construction!

Chip had a special message for us!

5. Seeing Where it All Began

Just as fun as seeing the new and upcoming projects at work, we also made sure to stop by the original Magnolia Market, the Little Shop on Bosque. It’s open to shoppers again now, offering last chance and lightly damaged options, but while we were there it was only available for photos! But that was enough for me. After reading The Magnolia Story, I was so inspired to keep going with my dreams of travel blogging. and seeing where it all began in person renewed that drive all over again!

At the Little Shop on Bosque!
A magnolia at the Silos, still opening up!

4. Silos Baking Company

Who loves cupcakes? We do! This was our first stop at the Silos, and it was extra special for us because everyone sang Happy Birthday to my mom when I told the girls working behind the counter that we were visiting for her birthday! The cupcakes really were fantastic, but they also had cinnamon rolls, cookies, and more! I’m not ashamed to say we went back every day of our trip!

Right after everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her!
Cupcakes for all!
Silos Baking Company–line up early!
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3. Shopping

Full disclosure: I am not a shopper! But my mom sure is. I did my research to find the places Joanna shops so we could shop there, local shops like Harp Design Co. and JDH Iron Designs, and of course–shopping at Magnolia Market! Even I could get into it. And we “found” Chip and Jo in our shopping escapades!

Magnolia Market
IMG_6448 2
Mom found Chip and Jo in a gift shop!
The Cedar Chest Antiques Shop, complete with Chip and Jo vintage dolls.
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2. Staying in a “Fixer Upper”

It was a source of contention, and possibly still is, but this was one of the best things we could do for our Fixer Upper getaway! We stayed at the Mailander House (also called the Bicycle House) from Season 1, and it was a great experience! I highly recommend trying to stay at a “Fixer Upper House.” The Magnolia House books up quickly, but now that Chip and Jo have Hillcrest Estate available, you’ve got double the chances of staying in one of their properties, too! Will Hillcrest Estate be the subject of tomorrow’s episode? We’ll all have to watch and find out!

The Mailander House
The infamous bicycle!
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Couldn’t score a stay at a Fixer Upper house? You can still drive around to see them! We saw several in Waco proper, but there are others scattered around within a 40-minute drive! Find your favorite, but please respect the owners or the guests!

We didn’t stay at the Magnolia House, but we did stop by for a photo–we were “those people”!
The Harp House
The Catastrophe House
The Tiny Shotgun House
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1. Photo Opportunities at the Silos

It’s true, photo ops mean more free publicity from visitors. I’m in the social media business, so I know how that works. But truthfully, beautiful and fun places for photos make for amazing memories! I made signs for each of us to hold up under the “#milestomagnolia” sign, got a selfie with the vintage green truck, and even ran to the Silos early one morning in hopes of getting an awesome shot with no people in it–and it worked! There are so many cool places to get iconic photos at the Silos themselves and all around Waco, but these are my favorites:

Mom with an iconic mural!
The vintage green truck setup!
Just me and the Magnolia stage!
Combined, we traveled 2,806 #MilesToMagnolia!
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For those who may not know, I asked my mom last year where she wanted to spend her birthday–anywhere in the world–and without hesitation she said, “I think I’d like to go to the Silos.” Since I’d never even watched the show myself, I dove right in and did my research for where to shop, where to stay, and what to do for a Fixer Upper getaway in Waco.

For my Waco posts, check out my United States page and scroll on down to “Texas”!

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    1. Thank you so much! Fixer Upper is still going to be so hot for so long, I want to make sure people see the best of Waco while they’re there!

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