10 Reasons to Visit Waco

Updated July 22, 2020.

Why did I choose to visit Waco? My mom wanted to see and shop at the Silos! And once I started watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper featuring the inspirational Chip and Joanna Gaines based in Waco, I wanted to visit to see it all in person! But once we got there, we discovered more and more reasons Waco’s charm has people coming into town in droves. Here are 10 reasons you should consider Waco for your next trip!

10. “Meet” Chip and Jo

Sorry to disappoint you, but you probably won’t see them in the flesh. However, their life-size cut-outs are available for photos at the Visitor Center, next door to the Texas Ranger Museum!

Mom was obviously thrilled!
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 9. Outdoor Fun

Waco has plenty of outdoor excitement to keep you entertained! The Brazos River runs right through town, and there are plenty of parks and trails to keep you occupied.

Scenes along the Brazos
Cameron Park
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 8. Small Town Pride

Waco is larger than the town I grew up in, but it has a true small town feel. They are very proud of their local University and all things specially Waco. They even have their own motto: “Keep Waco Wacko!”

Baylor Mural Downtown

 7. Food Trucks

Food trucks are popping up all over the country, and there is no shortage in Waco! You can find them at the Silos and in other designated areas around town. Coming Wednesday: a blog post all about the food trucks at the Silos!

Club Sandwich
Lunch from Club Sandwich: rice bowl with pork bulgogi, chicken, & veggies!
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 6. History

Waco is actually full of interesting history. From Mammoth remains to the oldest continually-operating university in Texas (Baylor) to the oldest suspension bridge in the country to the beautiful and historic Fort House Museum, Waco has much to offer the history buff!

Mammoths were recently found here!
Historic Suspension Bridge

 5. Antiquing

Love antiques? Thanks to Joanna Gaines’s love of antiques and the success of Fixer Upper, the antique stores in town and in the surrounding area are doing well and have some great finds to offer!

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 4. Inspiration

If you’ve read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines, you know that Joanna started her first retail story on Bosque Boulevard. Now they have success in almost every realm–a TV show, a bakery and upcoming breakfast restaurant, brick-and-mortar and online stores, a paint line, etc.–and this little store was where it all began. The Gaineses have already left their mark on Waco, and to see where it all started really got me inspired!

The original Magnolia Market, where Joanna’s dreams started to take shape!

 3. Fixer Upper Groupies

Funny story… There we were, my mom and I, talking to David Morrow who owns the Fixer Upper house where we’d be staying the next three days. Two extended SUVs pulled up in front of the house, and all these women started taking pictures. Dave asked if we were ok if he asked them inside for a tour, and we said sure! There were 14 women from Utah in those vehicles, and they were just so excited to be there! It really gave some great energy and excitement to the start of our trip!

Group shot!
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 2. Friendly People

Coming from the D.C. area, I was struck most by the kindness and friendliness of the people in Waco. All the Magnolia employees were super friendly, of course, but also people at other businesses around town were kind and helpful when we needed it. The sweet lady at Hidden Talents antique store near the Magnolia House was so delightful, the folks at the Visitor Center offered us coupons and laughed along with us when my mom got her picture with Chip and Jo (cardboard cutouts), and my new friend Dwight even helped me get some great pictures at the Silos with no people in them!

Me and my friend Dwight!
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 1. The Silos

This is the reason people know about Waco these days–the Silos! Grab a cupcake from the bakery, a little something for your home at Magnolia Market, lunch at the food trucks, and play games or just sit a spell on the grounds. We made new friends, were encouraged by the positive music playing, and got to really experience the Fixer Upper vibe while we were there. We recommend it!

The Silos!
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Do any of the things on my list make you want to take your own trip to Waco? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to visit my United States Page for all my Waco posts!

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