Waco: Beyond the Silos

Updated July 22, 2020.

If you’re heading to Waco these days, there’s a good chance the Silos and all things Fixer Upper are on your list. If you’re going to Waco and the Silos to show someone how much you love them and could not care less about those rusty Silos, then this post is for you! Here are 10 things to do in Waco besides Fixer Upper and the Silos.

10. Baylor University (FREE)

You don’t have to be a student, prospective student, or alumni to visit Waco’s other claim to fame: Baylor University. It’s the oldest continuously operating university in all of Texas, and in fact, it was founded in 1845, just before the Republic of Texas became a state! There’s plenty to see here, so you can easily kill some time while your wife, girlfriend, mom, or other Fixer Upper fanatics gush at the Silos.

Baylor University
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9. Texas Sports Hall of Fame ($7; Monday-Saturday 9-5, closed Sundays)

If you’ve ever been to Texas or know someone from Texas, you know there is nothing more important to a Texan than Texas. And you know they have facts at the ready to prove to you why Texas is the best of everything. The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is a showcase of why Texas does sports right! Waco is the second home of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and that story will prove to you why Texans are ready to band together and make something happen.

8. Fort House Museum
($5; check website for hours: http://www.historicwaco.org)

See a little bit of Waco history while you’re in town. Volunteer docents lead you on a tour of the 1870s home, and they have gone to great lengths to make it accurate to the time period! Our guide was Ms. Patricia, and she was wonderful!

Fort House Museum
It took us a minute to find the doorbell. There it is!

7. Waco Mammoth National Monument (FREE; open 9-5 daily)

Into dinosaurs or fossils in general? This is a cool place for you! This has only been a national park since 2015, but the mammoths have been here as long as 67,000 years ago!

Just a few of the critters found at Mammoth National Park!

6. Waco Suspension Bridge (FREE)

If you watch the show, you’ll recognize it; if you don’t watch the show, you can appreciate it anyway! It’s historic, having been completed and in use since 1870. At that time, it was the longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi River!

Historic Suspension Bridge
Working Cowhandling Statues

5. Waco Riverwalk and Brazos River (FREE)

There is a beautiful 7-mile riverwalk where the river runs through downtown Waco, and it’s perfect for a relaxing walk, romantic stroll, or even a run through town!

Waco Riverwalk
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4. Cameron Park Zoo ($10; Monday-Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-5)

Exploring this amazing zoo is a fun way to spend an afternoon. You’ll see animals from all over the world without having to leave little Waco, TX. And $10? Are you kidding me? What a deal for a zoo!

Entrance to the Zoo!

3. Cameron Park (FREE)

This historic park is beautifully situated along the Brazos River, and there are 400 acres to explore!  The land was donated over 100 years ago by the Cameron family, and it’s a perfect place to run, put into the River, picnic, fish, and more!

Beautiful Cameron Park!

 2. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum ($7; 9-5 daily)

Texas Rangers are the stuff of legends, my friends. Find out who’s who, their role in various wars, and what it took to be a Texas Ranger in the wildest of the wild West.

This way to Texas Ranger History!
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 1. Dr Pepper Museum ($10, coupon available on website; Monday-Saturday 10-5:30, Sunday noon-5:30)

Dr Pepper is native to Waco! Who knew? Find out about its origins from 1885 to present day, and see some incredible artifacts and memorabilia! It’s only about two blocks from the Silos, so while the rest of your party is shopping till they drop, you can enjoy a Dr. Pepper and some a/c!

Dr. Pepper Museum!

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