Magnolia Market at the Silos

Updated July 22, 2020.

This Travel Tip Tuesday, I’ve got everything you need to know about your trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos! If you’re planning a trip to Waco and have any interest in Chip and Joanna Gaines or Fixer Upper from HGTV, this is a must-do! And in case you wondered, they really do plant magnolia trees at all their projects!

Magnolia at Magnolia!
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The Experience

Chip, Joanna, and their whole team have made Magnolia Market and everything around their Silos property a pleasant and fun destination for everyone. You’re greeted at every door by friendly Magnolia employees who smile and welcome you. Everyone seemed happy to be working there and happy to help if you have questions! They even have an employee on staff whose sole job is to take pictures of you and your friends and family at the #milestomagnolia sign in front of the Silos!

The Decor

If you like Jo’s style, you can find it all here! Lighting is important–so you can get beautiful lanterns! How can you use unexpected objects to decorate your own home? Take a Joanna’s lead and put it on the table! Not sure how to cleverly decorate your kitchen? Paper veggies might be a good option! How does she have fresh flowers all year long? They’re incredibly lifelike faux flowers! My mom mostly wanted to visit Magnolia and the Silos to get some decorating ideas. And Joanna has some great ones!

Unexpected features
(Paper) veggies!
Faux flowers of all sorts!
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The Grain Barn

You know the Gaineses are not fans of wasting space. They’ve done an incredible job of making the whole Silos property functional, including expanding the Magnolia Market into the historic grain barn behind the store. Back here you’ll find more faux flowers, mugs, t-shirts, metal signage, and more!

The Historic Grain Barn
You know Joanna loves her big clocks!
Inspirational signs from our favorite metal worker, Jimmy Don.
The Famous Magnolia letters! If you don’t know the story, you can read about it in their book, The Magnolia Story!
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Chip’s Corner

Also inside the Grain Barn, make sure you turn to the left as you walk down the stair so you don’t miss Chip’s Corner! I’ve heard tell that he’s getting his own shop inside one of the Silos one of these days, but for the time being, you can find Chip’s words of encouragement and fun dude stuff here!

Chip’s Corner!
What day’s today? Demo Day!
Words of encouragement from Chip.
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Shipping via FedEx

Yes, they truly have thought of everything! Many of the products they sell at Magnolia are large, heavy, and difficult to transport if you’re flying or simply have a small car. So what do you do with that huge sign from Jimmy Don or that oversized decorative lantern? Ship it with FedEx right from the Grain Barn!

Just follow the light at the back of the Grain Barn!

Heading to Magnolia on a weekend? It will be incredibly busy, so be prepared, but also look for Joanna’s mom! She sometimes comes to the shop to talk with visitors in the long lines!

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Magnolia Seed & Supply

While you’re on the property, don’t forget to check out Magnolia Seed and Supply! Ever heard Joanna mention her kids’ fairy gardens? She has some there for you. Want to channel your inner plant lady and try your hand at growing some herbs and flowers? You can pick up some seeds here!

Succulents, ready to go!
Fairy Garden!
Magnolia Seed and Supply
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For more, check out their Magnolia Market website! And check out my United States Page for more about our visit to Waco, Texas!

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