10 Reasons to Visit Cairns, Australia

Updated August 11, 2020.

It’s Faraway Friday! This week I’m jetting you off to one of the most memorable places I’ve ever been: Cairns, Australia. Where else can you hold a koala? Basically nowhere! Between the wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef, and the laid back feel of this coastal Australian town, Cairns is a place you just don’t forget!

10. Crocodile, Kangaroo, and Emu Meats

I love trying new foods! When I got the chance to try crocodile, kangaroo, and emu all in one sitting, I was ready! It was amazing.

The Aussie Sampler Platter
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9. Fitzroy Island

This was a great day trip from Cairns. We took a smooth, scenic ferry ride, rented some snorkel gear for swimming, hiked around, and basically relaxed all day! If you head out to Cairns, I recommend a day trip to Fitzroy Island!

Fun times on Fitzroy!

8. Coral Beaches

You’ve seen sand beaches, possibly in a variety of colors. Perhaps you’ve even seen rocky beaches. But not everywhere will you see beaches made of coral! It was pretty, but bring your shoes–it hurts to step on!

Coral beach off the coast of Cairns
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7. Coming Face to Face with a Kangaroo

Do not approach a kangaroo in the wild, but definitely make sure you see them in Kuranda Koala Gardens in Cairns! Sweet, right?

Kangaroo time!
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6. Feeding Wallabies

Wallabies only live in Australia and New Guinea, so don’t miss a chance to feed one here!  My honey made a new friend:

If you’re going to visit their home, at least bring some food over.

5. Picturesque Views

I love the ocean. It’s no secret. Everywhere you look in Cairns is a picture-perfect view. Here’s one of my favorite shots. The sun was setting, the boats were anchored, the mountains were looming, the ocean was there… Check it out:

Post card perfect every time.
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4. Sunrise from a Hot-air Balloon

Talk about romantic! Despite the early wake-up time, there is almost nothing more romantic or inspiring than watching the sun rise over the mountains and ocean in a beautiful place. And that place is Cairns.

IMG_0793 2
That’s a Good Morning!

3. The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle! This was a fun excursion on our trip to Cairns. We went on a guided nature walk, and I learned so much! The plantlife is incredible. Not only are the trees and plants seemingly larger than life, the jungle is actually a very difficult ecosystem to thrive in. It was beautiful.

Things just grow bigger in the jungle!
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2. Swimming at the Great Barrier Reef

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event! The picture below does not do it justice. The coral is neon! It’s stunning. I learned something about myself there, too: I’m afraid of the ocean. I should be more embarrassed of that than I am. But I can still appreciate the beauty from knee-deep water!

View from our glass-bottom boat!
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1. Holding a Koala

This one was in the #2 position. But I had to move it to #1. Where else can you legally and safely hold a koala? Nowhere. Only at Kuranda Koala Gardens. Her name was Lola, and she hugged me. A koala bear hugged me! It was better than I expected, and it was special for so many reasons. Find out where and how to hold a koala here!

IMG_0835 2
CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I almost can’t stand it!
Best. Picture. Ever. Maybe the best day of my life.

Are you ready to put Cairns on your to-visit list? I’m ready to go back!

Want more Cairns adventures and travel tips? Check out my Australia Page!

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