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Updated May 27, 2020.

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is coming! Even a summer-loving girl like me gets excited for Christmastime. The lights, the feeling, the music, and finding that perfect thing for my loved ones always gets me excited and gets my creative juices flowing! This year I’ve come up with the ultimate list of options for every traveler on your list!

Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that your purchase helps me stay in business! I only recommend products I would use myself from companies I trust, so you never have to think twice about whether or not you’re getting the best!

Helping Others and Doing Good

The traveler in your life likely also has a job to go to, an education to work for, or just needs to keep his or her life organized because life gets overwhelming sometimes! Marie Mae Company is my favorite do-good company in all the world, and for every item purchased, the owner donates one hour of business training for women in developing markets. So if your loved one loves helping women around the world, these products are sure to please!

Marie Mae Good Office Box

I have been getting the Marie Mae Good Office Box since it started in summer 2017, and now it’s available for automatic subscription! The owner of the company chooses all the items herself, and it’s different every season. She has included everything from coffee to books to monogrammed stationery and handcrafted items from working women around the world! My favorite so far was the leather business card holder, and I’m always excited to see what’s coming next!

Marie Mae Office Supplies

I may be a travel blogger, but it’s not all airplanes and sunshine. It’s also a lot of organizational work I have to do myself! Marie Mae’s checklist post-its, beautiful spiral notebooks, thoughtful stationery, and especially the weekly planner keep me on top of my game and help me stay organized. Did I mention you can get practically everything monogrammed? I LOVE lovingly personalized products!

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 4.47.03 PM
Just a sampling of the products offered at Marie Mae Company!

The Most Important Gear

Travelers are always thinking of ways to save money to do what they love—travel! As cheap-o myself, I know that I was willing to compromise quality in favor of saving a dollar or two, often to my own frustration when what I bought broke or just didn’t work! In my early twenties (ok, also my mid-twenties and late-twenties), I was often too embarrassed to ask for the things I wanted that seemed frivolous. So here are some very important things travelers actually need or are just too embarrassed to ask for!

Osprey Luggage

Osprey is by far my favorite luggage brand. Backpacks are the way to go if you or the traveler in your life want to go carry-on only, and these packs are my favorites! They come in multiple colors, so click to check them out!

Personal Items: Day Packs and Backpacks

Most major airlines allow each passenger one carry-on and one personal item. My and my husband’s personal items are also our day packs, and these are some of the best!

Anti-theft Purse

Going somewhere pickpockets rule the roost? You need an anti-theft purse, lady friends. This one is slash-resistant, RFID blocking, slash-proof cross-body strap, and has locking zippers! And it comes in multiple colors, for the win.

External Charger

What does every traveler need in their day bag? An extra charger. There is almost nothing more frustrating than running out of battery in the middle of the afternoon! I have one that I keep with me on my travels, and if I didn’t, I would not have even half the photos I need for the blog.

Solid Toiletries

I love all the solid toiletries that have come out since the liquid rules came into play in 2006. Everything from solid shampoo to conditioner to sunscreen to deodorant have totally revolutionized carry-on travel because those items no longer take up precious, valuable space in my liquids bag! Here are some highlights and the link to my guide to solid toiletries as well!

Soap and Shampoo

If you don’t already know, Truly-Life is one of my favorite companies–and my absolute favorite soap company! It’s woman-owned and all her products are locally sourced and hand-made, but the best part is how they make my skin and hair feel! Try out some of their scents (all made with essential oils, herbs, or flowers), or go unscented if your skin is particularly sensitive. All her soaps work for both body soap and shampoo! She also has bath bombs, facial spa kits, and more!

Truly-Life Natural Soaps and Shampoo Bars Photo Credit: Truly-Life


Speaking of “and more” with Truly-Life, the solid lotion is one of the best I’ve ever used—solid or liquid! If you or your traveling loved one likes to fly, you’ll definitely be getting dehydrated, and this solid lotion bar is just what your skin needs. It breezes through security without taking up valuable space in your liquids bag, and it comes in lavender, coconut, or plain sensitive! Try the smaller heart-shaped lotion, or the larger massaging bar!

Heart Lotion Photo Credit: Truly-Life
Massaging Lotion Bar Photo Credit: Truly-Life

Native Deodorant

Another solid toiletry that I swear by is Native Deodorant. It has been such a journey to find a natural deodorant that actually works, and Native absolutely blew me away! They have masculine and feminine scents (as well as unscented!), and it lasts hours longer than any other natural deodorant I’ve ever used.

Because regular deodorants have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, both of which run in my family, it’s been important to me to find one that will not be harmful in those ways. But just as importantly, I need to be able to rewear my clothes—so it has to really work!

TSA-approved Toiletries Bag

Have you ever found that a zip bag isn’t quite strong enough for your toiletries? Some of my liquids come in tubes with sharp corners, and they easily shred a plain zip bag. But since these are TSA approved and thicker than a quart-size zip bag, they’re the perfect addition to a traveler’s carry-on!

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For Him

I have two brothers, a dad, and a husband, and I still find it difficult to figure out what to get them for Christmas and birthdays! But my husband gave me some good ideas from a traveling man’s perspective.

Quick-dry Shorts

I got these for my husband, and he really likes them! They pack well, dry quickly, and go from a hike to a walk on the beach to a seaside dinner with ease.

Hat, Scarf, Touch-screen Gloves

On the other end of the weather spectrum, this set of cold-weather gear is perfect for the guy who hates shopping but needs to stay warm. They come in other colors, but knowing that my own husband has a tendency to leave black things behind (in the shadows, on the airplane seat, in the dark), gray or another light (or not black) color is best! Bonus: these gloves are usable with a touch-screen, such as a phone, iPad, or other electronic devices!

RFID-blocking Wallet

The only thing worse than losing all your battery by 2:00pm is losing your money. It’s scary to think someone can brush up against you with a device and steal your credit card info, so an RFID wallet is essential. This one has pockets for credit cards, cash, airline tickets, and a passport—which also needs RFID protection these days!

For Her

Girls are easy to shop for right? A little jewelry, a fashionable and functional article of clothing, and we’re happy!

Puffer Vest

I got a puffer vest because I saw one at Target. I’m not a trendy person, I’m not much of a shopper, but I LOVE my puffer vest. It’s a fantastic layering piece, I can wear it with so many things, and because I love leggings, I am always wishing I had a couple of pockets—which the vest provides for me! I totally recommend a puffer vest for any traveler because it packs well, has pockets, and they’re still in and will be for several more years!

Map Necklace

I fell in love the first time I saw this necklace, and when I saw it came in rose gold, I texted the link to my mom and asked her to get it for me for Christmas! It also comes in yellow gold and silver!

Compass Earrings

If I only take one piece of jewelry with me on a trip, it’s earrings. And these are so perfect for your traveling gal! They come in yellow gold, silver, and my favorite, rose gold!

The Fun Stuff

Because presents, travel, and dreaming are supposed to be fun!

Scratch-off Map

These are so popular every year! Steve and I have one, and we love scratching off new countries as we go. Any traveler would love this addition to their walls!

The World!

Not into scratch-offs? These prints are sure to inspire!

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