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The Beauty of a Weekender

It’s Motivation Monday! Today I’m letting you in on some of the reasons why weekend trips are so awesome. Steve and I frequently take quick trips to places we’ve never been, and inevitably we get looks of shock and the exclamation, “But that’s not enough time to really know a city!” Or the ever-popular, “But why would you spend all that money and time on a plane to only spend such a short time there?” Here are a few reasons why:

 1. Travel Does Not Have to be Expensive
Believe it or not, travel does not need to cost your entire life savings! Prioritizing, signing up for flight deals, and accumulating award points from your credit card are just a few ways to make travel more affordable. Check out 6 Ways I Afford to Travel and Budget Blunders for more helpful tips and tricks!


 2. Shorter Trips Make Room for More Trips
I don’t know about your work situation, but my husband can’t just take off work on a whim! Sometimes he can get off work for a week in their slow time, but during their busy times, he has to be there! So to practice some escapism and get our travel fix, we utilize his holidays and the weekends to see more of the world! You can bet we’re somewhere else for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Presidents’ Day; Columbus Day; Veteran’s Day, New Year’s, etc. We love to travel sometime during the week between Christmas and New Year’s! See all the places you could go:

 3. Packing Light is Easier
It really is convenient to fit everything you need into a backpack or a large tote bag! Seriously, for a three-day trip, I take one change of clothes (preferably that mixes with what I’m wearing to travel), toiletries, my laptop, phone, and chargers, and I’m on my way! I never check a bag anyway, but that’s even easier when you’re taking so little with you! For more packing tips, check out Packing Strategy 1: Roll with It!

Everything I needed fit right under the seat in front of me!
4. Only the Best for Efficiency
When Steve and I take a quick weekend trip, we make sure not to waste time on things we don’t really want to see or things that may be a disappointment. We usually order a “Top 10” travel book, highlight the things we really want to see, and enjoy those things to the fullest! It forces us to prioritize so we don’t waste any time.

Pick and choose!
What about you? Do you prefer weekenders, or do you want to get away for weeks at a time?

Want more Weekender Travel advice? Click here for my TV interview with DC’s News Channel 8!

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Weekender

  1. That’s what I loved about my minor league baseball trips! I have Friday afternoons off, so I got to take advantage of that to see some new places! Not exotic, but it was great to get out of the house for inexpensive entertainment, when I was watching every penny.

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