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Updated June 20, 2022.

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, my friends! This week we are going hi-tech and letting you in on some awesome travel apps to help you be a savvy and efficient traveler! *I am receiving no compensation from the creators or owners of these apps. I just love them and think they will be helpful for you, too!



This is my #1 go-to for travel dreaming and travel planning. Just search for your desired destination and search for Things To Do, Hotels and Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, and more! Also use this app’s “Near Me Now” feature when you’re on travel to see what’s close to you!

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I just found out about this one a few months ago, and I love it! Know where you’re going but not sure the best way to get there? Just type in your origin and destination, then see your best options for mode of transportation, cost, and time!

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Skyscanner, Hopper, Kayak, etc.

These and similar apps are unbelieveably useful for finding cheap flight deals. Be sure to sign up for alerts, and you’ll receive an email when the price drops for the destination you want.

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Airline Apps

Pretty mich every airline now has an app that allows you to check in, have access to your boarding pass with no printing involved, and find updates on the status of your flight in case of weather or other delays. You can even purchase tickets from some airline apps!

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Seat Guru

Want to pick the best seat? Can’t choose your seat but want to be prepared for what you get? Seat Guru by TripAdvisor is the place for you! Type in your flight number and find out what type of plane you’re flying on, the seat configuration, and what seats are best or worst. Knowledge is power!

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Some hotel booking sites, like offer incentives for booking a hotel trough their app or website, like free hotel stays or points to be redeemed for future bookings. It’s also handy to have all your hotel reservation at the ready on your phone!

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Before You Go


Traveling somewhere that speaks a different language? Download Duolingo and start learning the local language to impress the locals! They use interactive games to teach you phrases and words that will be useful on travel.

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This is such a handy app because it gives you access to reservations and plans all OFFLINE! Sometimes you just don’t have access to wifi or data when you travel, and having all your confirmation numbers, reservation numbers, addresses, and more is invaluable.

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Tracking someone else’s travel or waiting for a friend to fly in and meet you? Want to know where they are on a map? (That’s my favorite feature!) Put their flight info into this app and you will be alerted when their flight pulls away from the gate, heads up into the air, lands, and gets to their gate–you will even be able to see which gate they’ll be coming into! You’ll also see if they get delayed and for how long–so handy when you need to know when to pick them up at their airport!

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On Travel


Need to know how warm (or cold) 11 degrees Celsius is in Farenheit? Not sure just how far 3 kilometers is in miles? This is a handy dandy app for you! You do not need to be connected to data or wifi, all you need is one number and the unit of measurement that goes with it, and you’re set!

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This is essential if you’ll be paying for anything on your travels, you’ll need to consult this one at least once. You do have to be connected to wifi or data to get the latest exchange rate, but once you k ow the exchange rate, you’ll have an idea of how much things cost.

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Google Translate

You do have to be connected to wifi or data, but this os a valuable app to have. Just type in “hello,” “where’s the bathroom?” and “thank you.” Click on the language you need to learn, and the app will translate it for you both written and spoken!

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This one is essential for outdoor exercise! I love that this one works on GPS instead of data, as long as you start on wifi. It has saved me a time or two when I got a bit lost on a morning run in a new country! The map shows your route, so you can retrace your steps to find your way back to where you need to be!

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What about you? What apps do you use for travel? Or what apps do you wish existed on your travels? Comment below!

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  1. When I was in London last year, a friend suggested I use Citymapper. You put in your destination and it gives options of getting there by bus, car, by subway, or on foot. It was super helpful for someone who had never been there before. It’s available for many major cities, domestic & international.

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