The Best Father’s Day Trips in the World

When was the last time you took your dad out on the town? Father’s Day is coming! If you’re wanting to do something special for your dad this year, why not consider a trip? My dad has a farm and a optometry practice he’s responsible for, so he doesn’t get to have a lot of time off. Lucky for him, his favorite (and only) daughter is a travel blogger, so I’ve been able to convince him to get out of town a few times. Here are some fun ideas for a Father’s Day getaway!

An Active Trip

My dad will be the first one to tell you his knees aren’t what they were back when he played high school football and collegiate gymnastics. But he still likes to go and do things! He’s a good sport about walking around D.C. with me when he comes to visit, and he made sure to pack his ibuprofen when we went to Key West so he could hike around Fort Jefferson, including the concrete, spiral staircases! If your dad likes to get out and see what’s around, plan an active trip that you’ll both remember forever.

We had so much fun exploring Dry Tortugas National Park!
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A Sports-themed Trip

Is your dad an athlete or sports enthusiast? Let him know you’ve been paying attention, and take him on a sports-themed trip of a lifetime! Maybe that’s a trip to the baseball hall of fame, baseball game, stadium tour, and all the peanuts and cracker jacks you can eat. Maybe it’s an epic trip to the Stanley Cup finals! Maybe it’s a trip of a lifetime to Wimbledon! Whatever his preferred sport, make it a trip he’ll brag about to his friends.

Take him out to the ballgame!
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Combat-inspired Journey

Every dad used to be a little boy, and every boy played with guns. Except my dad, who played with a Johnny Reb cannon! But the point is, a combat-inspired trip will give him a thrill. My husband and I took my dad to Gettysburg National Battlefield a few years ago, and he still talks about it as one of the best trips we’ve taken–and it was only a day trip!

But don’t stop there. If your dad is more interested in the American Revolution, head up to Boston or Philadelphia. There’s no shortage of Civil War sites in Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and more. Or maybe your dad is a World War II enthusiast. How about Pearl Harbor National Memorial or Normandy, France?

My Dad still talks about our trip to Gettysburg!
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Food-inspired Excursion

In true Southern fashion, my dad loves food. He likes to cook food, he likes to taste food, he likes to look at food. He will call me just to tell me about a new recipe he wants to try, and he starts planning our holiday meals months in advance! And when he travels, he wants to plan around the foods and restaurants he wants to try.

Need some ideas? Take a weekend trip to Chicago to try as much pizza as you can. Head to Belgium for chocolate tastings for the dad with a sweet tooth. Head to Hawaii to tour coffee, chocolate, macadamia nut, and vanilla farms! The options are fun to think about.

How much pizza can you and your dad eat in just one weekend in Chicago?
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An Adventure Trip

Is your dad an adventurer? When was the last time he had a chance to go on an adventure? I took my dad to Dry Tortugas National Park last year for Father’s Day, and it involved a flight in a seaplane, a hike around a 150-year-old fort, and a snorkel around some of the clearest waters in the United States! But maybe that’s not your dad’s thing. How about a stay in a tree house in the Costa Rican jungle? Or maybe an African safari. Or perhaps a few days cruising around the Galapagos Islands to explore the untouched islands and fearless, unique animals? Get creative!

My dad had so much fun at Dry Tortugas!
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A Nostalgia Trip

What does your dad talk about from before you were born? I remember hearing countless stories about my dad and his friends going scuba diving in the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, and more. My dad’s scuba gear has gone by the wayside by now, but I can’t tell you how excited he was when I suggested going snorkeling around Key West last year. I can show you, though:

Dad recognized an old friend from his scuba diving days!
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Go to Him

Very often, parents just want their kids to go home to see them. My dad wants to cook for all of us, but I think the bigger appeal for having all of his kids (and nephew) home is so we can all help shoot off his canon! Whatever your dad wants to do, let him have his way this Father’s Day.

Dad loves when the whole family is home because then we have enough people to shoot off his canon!
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Ask Him!

So, this sort of eliminates the element of surprise, but this is also the best way to find out where he really wants to go! My dad will be retiring soon (we hope!), so in anticipation of that, I asked him where in the world he wants to go to celebrate. I never would have guessed his request. He wants to go to Iceland! Since Steve and I have already been, Dad got a sneak peek from the blog, and we won’t have any trouble planning a trip back!

Next stop: Iceland!

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