The Best Mother’s Day Trips in the World

Mother’s Day is coming! Your mom deserves to get out of the house, right? A Mother’s Day trip, whether near or far, is a gift that not only means a lot in the moment, but also creates memories for the rest of your lives. If you’re wanting to take your sweet mom on a trip this year, here are some ideas to help you make it a reality!

Follow the Flowers

Is your mom constantly working on her garden? Does she love flowers but doesn’t like gardening? She may appreciate a flowery excursion! Take her to the Keukenhoff Gardens just outside Amsterdam to get that tulip fix. Or stay closer to home and head up to Holland, Michigan, for their tulip festival!

As another option, Provence, France, will fill her senses with lavender from their fields, though that is best planned for June or July. Or for something on the West Coast, plan a trip to the Carlsbad Flower Fields from March through Mother’s Day! Don’t just give your mom flowers; give her flower fields!

Tulips are plentiful at the Keukenhof Gardens!
Here’s some help: The Ultimate Guide to the Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

Take an HGTV-inspired Getaway

I told my mom I would take her anywhere in the world for her milestone birthday a few years ago. You know where she wanted me to take her? Waco, Texas! We stayed at an actual Fixer Upper house, shopped at Magnolia Market, ate cupcakes at the Silos Bakery, and saw all the best sites from the HGTV show! It was memorable for the both of us–and I had never even watched the show until I started planning the trip!

Your mom’s not into Fixer Upper? Maybe she’d want to visit Ben and Erin’s Home Town in Laurel, Mississippi. Perhaps she’d prefer to head to South Andros, Bahamas, to stay at Cerula Mar Club Resort from Renovation Island. Or maybe there’s another place she wants to fangirl about. Make that dream come true for her!

It was a trip to remember!
Fixer Upper fan for life: How to Plan the Perfect Fixer Upper Getaway

Have an Animal Lover Extravaganza

When I asked my mom where she wanted to go to celebrate her retirement, she had two requests: “I want to see icebergs and puffins.” Puffins! It doesn’t get cuter than that. We’re planning a trip to Newfoundland to see just that later this summer. Wish us luck!

Does she love flamingoes? Make a trip to Aruba to see them up-close and personal! Maybe she likes mermaids. Plan a long weekend retreat to Crystal River and swim with Manatees! Does she love monkeys? Costa Rica is calling her name! Or maybe butterflies are her thing. Head to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory!

My mom’s favorite color is blue, just like this butterfly!
Truly magical: How to Visit the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

Take a Ton of Historic Home Tours

I used to hate it when my mom would drag the whole family to old homes all over the South and East Coast. You know what I like to do now in my travels? Visit old houses! If your mom is like my mom, she might appreciate how her favorite child (because let’s be real, that’s you) has come full circle. Head to Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Washington, D.C.; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; or St. Augustine, FL! I once took a whole trip to Savannah just to tour all the historic homes and museums there. My mom was on the verge of jealous!

My mom told me I HAD to tour the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil house in Savannah!
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Experience the City Slicker Life

Maybe your mom longs for all the action and events she loved before she became a mom. Take her to New York City to see a show and visit their world-famous museums. Head to Washington, D.C., for shows, museums, and every kind of international cuisine! Visit Chicago for a baseball game (some women love sports!) or spend a whole day at the Art Institute of Chicago. Head to the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre in L.A. Take the cable cars in San Francisco. Let the city slicker in her come out to play!

Cities definitely have their beauty!
More here: What to Know Before You Visit Chicago

Have One for the Beach Bunny

Give my mom a book on the beach, and she’ll be a happy lady. Is your mom the same? The powdery, white beaches of Florida might be calling her name. Or maybe she’d love to go shell hunting on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Need more beaches? Head to an island! Pick a place in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, or the Bahamas!

My mom’s request in Key West: A Day at the Beach!
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Go to Her

Every mom wants her baby to come home, or so I’ve been told! My mom is honestly not a fan of tons of travel, so sometimes she just wants me (and her favorite son-in-law) to go to her. If that’s really all she wants, let her have her wish! If staying in your childhood room gives you the twitches, make it an event and head to a hotel or bed and breakfast nearby. You can make it something special with a little creativity!

Mom and Lilly like it when we go “home” to Tennessee!
Home, but make it travel: How to Love Your Staycation

Ask Her!

None of those sound right to you? Ask your mama! I know, I know. If you ask her where she wants to go, that’ll ruin the surprise. But won’t she be surprised when you ask her? It’s the easiest way to make sure the destination is somewhere she wants to go, and she might really enjoy being part of the planning process, too. Or maybe she’ll just love that you’re doing the planning and she gets to simply enjoy the anticipation!

My mom does so much for me, so I want to do things for her, too!
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Want more? Be sure to read 5 Ways to Surprise Someone with Travel, and take a look at my Travel Planning Page for some help in making it happen!

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