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Solo Travel: Wales

Sometimes you stumble upon the perfect opportunity. Or perhaps, the perfect opportunity falls into your lap! That’s what happened with my trip to Wales back in March. The timing was right, so I took that perfect opportunity and ran with it. This was my first solo trip in a while, so it was tons of… Continue reading Solo Travel: Wales

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What to Know Before You Visit Cardiff

Have you ever been to Wales? I just went for the first time back in March, kind of on a whim, and I’m already looking forward to going back to explore more of the country! If you find yourself in its capitol city of Cardiff, here’s a quick list of things to know before you… Continue reading What to Know Before You Visit Cardiff


10 Things to Do in Cardiff, Wales

So you’re heading to Cardiff. I’m so happy for you! I really enjoyed my time there, and I hope you do, too! The people are so kind, and I love that all signage is in both English and Welsh! Here is my quick list of the top things to do while you’re there. 10. Go… Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Cardiff, Wales

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What to Eat in Cardiff, Wales

“Oh, you won’t find Welsh food here!” That’s a sentiment I heard from nearly every local person I asked! But never fear—I found some! Here’s the short list of where you can find Welsh (and traditional British!) food in Cardiff. Check it out and don’t let anyone tell you there’s no Welsh here! The one… Continue reading What to Eat in Cardiff, Wales