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Solo in Heidelberg

This Motivation Monday, I hope you will be motivated and encouraged to take an opportunity to travel solo. If Heidelberg, Germany, is on your list (and it should be!), here is your guide to what to do and how to make the most of your time going solo! Why Heidelberg? Why not? It’s a beautiful,… Continue reading Solo in Heidelberg

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What I Wore for Winter in Germany

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! If you’re following along on Facebook and Instagram, you may already know I’m currently in Heidelberg, Germany! It’s on the chilly side (it’s December, after all), so that makes for a challenge when packing. But never fear! If you find yourself packing for winter in Central Europe, here’s a guide… Continue reading What I Wore for Winter in Germany

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What I Wore: Fall in Venice

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! We recently got back from a chilly weekend getaway in iconic Venice, Italy! It was a challenge to pack for this trip because of the temperature range and being surrounded by water, but here’s what I came up with. Heading to a climate with temperatures hovering around 40-50 degrees F?… Continue reading What I Wore: Fall in Venice

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“SSSS” on My Boarding Pass

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! On our recent trip home from Venice, my husband had some trouble getting access to his boarding pass upon online check in. He received a message saying he needed to get his boarding pass at the airport. When we got to the airport a few hours before our first flight, we… Continue reading “SSSS” on My Boarding Pass

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End Game: Pre-travel Checklist

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m filling you in on some travel tips most people may not think about–the stuff you should do before you leave, so you don’t have to deal with them when you come home from a trip! Here are the things my sweet husband and I always remember to do… Continue reading End Game: Pre-travel Checklist

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Packing for Ladies: Iceland

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Having trouble deciding what to pack for your own trip to chilly Iceland? I’ve got just the thing! Here’s what I came up with for our trip to the Land of Fire and Ice. We were there 73 hours, which is typical for us, but not enough time to see… Continue reading Packing for Ladies: Iceland

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Your How-to Guide to Passports

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! You know I’m a light packer, but truthfully, there is only one thing you truly cannot travel without: your passport. But do you know all the rules and regulations? Here is some important information and some pro tips so you can make the most of your passport–and never find yourself without one!… Continue reading Your How-to Guide to Passports

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Packing for Men: Iceland

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Well, not so much what I wore, but more about what my husband wore on our trip to Iceland last weekend! If you’re a man who hates to pack, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s what we came up with: On the Plane Overnight flights in economy are… Continue reading Packing for Men: Iceland

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How to Travel Safely

  It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I think the most common questions any traveler gets asked are about safety–especially solo travelers, and even more especially women travelers. But safety goes for men and women alike. No one is immune to bad things that can happen anywhere in the world (even in your hometown!), but you can… Continue reading How to Travel Safely

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How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

This Wanderlust Wednesday is very special to me. I’ve been blogging over 11 years now, but only this past year and a half have I been publishing regularly and changing some of my writing goals. In the learning and growing process, blogging has changed the way I travel–and I think I’m a better traveler for… Continue reading How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel