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Packing for Men: Iceland

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Well, not so much what I wore, but more about what my husband wore on our trip to Iceland last weekend! If you’re a man who hates to pack, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s what we came up with: On the Plane Overnight flights in economy are… Continue reading Packing for Men: Iceland

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How to Travel Safely

  It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I think the most common questions any traveler gets asked are about safety–especially solo travelers, and even more especially women travelers. But safety goes for men and women alike. No one is immune to bad things that can happen anywhere in the world (even in your hometown!), but you can… Continue reading How to Travel Safely

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A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

This Travel Tip Tuesday I am giving you all the information you need on the ins and outs of Uber. I’ve taken Uber a lot this year since my husband and I have been sharing a car, and sometimes it’s just the most economical option. If you’ve never taken it before, or even if you… Continue reading A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

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How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

This Wanderlust Wednesday is very special to me. I’ve been blogging over 11 years now, but only this past year and a half have I been publishing regularly and changing some of my writing goals. In the learning and growing process, blogging has changed the way I travel–and I think I’m a better traveler for… Continue reading How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

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Surviving Rainy Day Travels

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, my friends! On my recent trip to Block Island, half of my days there were rainy, and it started raining again as I was Ubering from Point Judith to the Providence Airport! I have never found a way to truly appreciate cloudy or rainy days when I’m traveling, since I always… Continue reading Surviving Rainy Day Travels

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Packing for Dudes: Easter Island in Winter

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! This one is pretty special because I’m venturing into new territory… Packing for Men! My sweet husband Steve was kind enough to let me photograph his unmentionables to share with you so that you, too, can pack like a man. The Situation This time we’re off to Easter Island off… Continue reading Packing for Dudes: Easter Island in Winter

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Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations

Finding accommodations is my least favorite part of planning travel. Do you agree? This Travel Tip Tuesday is for you! Accommodations are expensive, hit-or-miss, and a little bit like house hunting–location, location, location! Well, stop muddling through accommodations websites and follow these guidelines to find your best sleeping solution when traveling. What Do You Want… Continue reading Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations

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Packing for Ladies: Easter Island in Winter

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! I’m off to Santiago and Easter Island, Chile, today! And let me tell you, this one was a challenge! I’m good at packing, if I do say so myself, but I really don’t like it (who does?). When temperatures are in the 30s-60s, I just don’t know what to pack.… Continue reading Packing for Ladies: Easter Island in Winter

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Solo Travel Mishaps

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I’ve been doing some solo travel lately and writing about how to do it as well as possible, but sometimes we learn from mistakes better than we learn from what we do right. So this week, here are some solo travel mistakes and mishaps–don’t do this! Mistakes to Avoid Before You… Continue reading Solo Travel Mishaps

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Solo Travel: Like a Pro

This Travel Tip Tuesday I am sharing my secrets to travel solo like a solo travel pro! I asked for questions on my Facebook and Instagram accounts so I could know what people are worried about, curious about, or just need to know to travel solo for the first time (or the 100th time!). Solo… Continue reading Solo Travel: Like a Pro