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Travel and Hygiene

Okay, ladies, let’s talk about it. All of it. We all deal with ourselves when we travel, and it can be kind of gross! Sometimes you don’t know when you’ll have access to a restroom. Sometimes you’re on a plane for 14, 16, or even 20 hours with no access to a shower. Sometimes you’re… Continue reading Travel and Hygiene

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How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe

I got a question from a fellow female traveler recently about how to manage traveling in Europe for four months. Or should she spend two months in Europe and two months in Southeast Asia? Well, those are excellent questions, and I have some strong opinions about that! So I’ve written up this guide to long-term… Continue reading How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe

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Words to Learn in the Local Language

Confession: I am only fluent in English. Braggadocious moment: I can say “Thank you” in 18 languages! Why Bother Learning Some of the Local Language? You would be amazed at how far you can get with a genuine American smile. Did you know Americans are known the world around for our inexplicable smiling? (The “stupid… Continue reading Words to Learn in the Local Language

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Crazier Things have Happened

It is Throwback Thursday, and today we are talking about lessons learned from past travel faux pas! What’s the biggest travel boo boo you’ve had to overcome? Take a look at the situations below and see if you can relate! 1. Misspelling My friend Lindsay was the inspiration for this post, so it’s only fitting… Continue reading Crazier Things have Happened

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Why It’s OK to Be a Tourist

It’s Motivation Monday! And I’m about to make some “travelers” very mad. As a travel blogger, I try to read other travel blogs to keep up-to-date and perhaps find some travel tips or inspiration. But lately I’ve been read more articles that “tourist shame” the less experienced or those who opt for comfortable walking shoes… Continue reading Why It’s OK to Be a Tourist

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How to Travel Safely

  It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I think the most common questions any traveler gets asked are about safety–especially solo travelers, and even more especially women travelers. But safety goes for men and women alike. No one is immune to bad things that can happen anywhere in the world (even in your hometown!), but you can… Continue reading How to Travel Safely

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How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

This Wanderlust Wednesday is very special to me. I’ve been blogging over 11 years now, but only this past year and a half have I been publishing regularly and changing some of my writing goals. In the learning and growing process, blogging has changed the way I travel–and I think I’m a better traveler for… Continue reading How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

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Surviving Rainy Day Travels

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, my friends! On my recent trip to Block Island, half of my days there were rainy, and it started raining again as I was Ubering from Point Judith to the Providence Airport! I have never found a way to truly appreciate cloudy or rainy days when I’m traveling, since I always… Continue reading Surviving Rainy Day Travels

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Jet Lag: Your Secret Travel Weapon

Do you love jet lag? Neither do we! It seems like the older I get, the more jet lag effects me. But there are a few ways to use jet lag to our advantage. Nothing should stop you when you travel! Going Back in Time When you travel to a faraway timezone that is behind… Continue reading Jet Lag: Your Secret Travel Weapon

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Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade

Last week we looked at how we can avoid pickpockets and avoid looking like a target. This week it’s all about knowing their tricks so you know what to look for. 1. The Drive-by I read a blog once about a Canadian girl who was walking along a busy street in Vietnam (a distracting feat… Continue reading Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade