Top 10 Ultimate Road Trip Tips

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It’s a road trip summer for millions of Americans! The world is a crazy place these days, so we’re all staying a little closer to home this year in our travels. Whether you’re desperate to get out, afraid to fly at the moment, or you finally bought that RV you’ve always wanted, here are my best tips for taking to the open road!

1. Bring Snacks

This is number one for a reason! The nice thing about a road trip is that you have no TSA restrictions. Bring anything you want! Don’t let yourself get “hangry” and irritable. Bring snacks, stop for snacks, do a little of both. Don’t skimp on the snacks.

Need ideas? The Best Snacks to Pack for Travel

2. Queue up Podcasts and Playlists Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until you’re already on the road to start searching. I like to have things to look forward to, and planning what playlists and podcasts to listen to is part of the fun! There’s a podcast for everything these days. Some are entertaining, some are great stories, some are educational. There’s something for everyone!

New Zealand’s larger-than-life mountains are other-worldly!
I have a great Travel Playlist for you here on Spotify, so feel free to steal it!

3. Make Sure the Car is Running Properly

Check your oil, tune it up, make sure routine maintenance is up to date, and if you’ll be going several thousand miles on an epic road trip of a lifetime, consider getting fresh tires if you’ll need them soon. If your car is particularly old or unreliable, consider getting a rental car for the trip. Safety first!

4. Map It in Advance AND Right Before You Start

It’s always a good idea to get a visual on your road trip plan during the planning phase. Get an idea of your route, the timing, where you’ll stop along the way, etc. But it’s also important to map it again right before you get into the car to leave. Traffic happens, construction happens, and sometimes you change your mind! Map it again before you leave and do a final check of your road trip extravaganza!

Iceland’s epic landscapes are best experienced by car!
Need to Know: How to Read a Map

5. Gas Up

This should go without saying, but sometimes those are just the things that need to be said! Make sure your tank is completely full before you start on your way. I recommend filling up the night before instead of waiting until the day of your trip, but use your best judgement!

6. Plan for Bathroom Breaks

Do not neglect this little detail! This is always very high on my priority list. Plan to stop for restroom breaks often enough that you’re not desperate when you’re suddenly 50 miles from the nearest exit.

This guy always makes as many stops as I need. That’s love!

7. Plan Interesting Stops Along the Way

Confession: This is what makes a road trip worthwhile for me! It’s all about the journey, right? I love finding little towns that need the tourism, hole-in-the-wall restaurants or coffee shops who are the best at what they do, random museums with loads of character. I try to stop at least every 2-3 hours on a road trip, and finding a fun place to explore makes it worth my while!

8. Cushion Your Time for Traffic, Accidents, Meals, Etc.

This is they key to a low-stress road trip. Plan extra time, and don’t let yourself be in a rush to get to your destination. Plan extra time for your meals, stops, and potential accidents along your route. You’ll be less stressed, and less likely to get into an accident yourself!

Life is a highway
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9. Start Early

Not everyone is a morning person like I am… which makes “early” the perfect time to start a road trip! Fewer people on the road is always a good thing, right? Make that work in your favor, and get going sooner, rather than later!

10. Bring Friends!

Road trips are more fun with friends and family! Sometimes you need a break from driving, need some conversation, or need a trustworthy navigator. Whether your trip is multiple hours or multiple days, it will be better with other people along.

Make sure everyone buckles up!

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  1. Don’t forget: mini trash can! I will never road trip without one again after my over night to Lexington, KY for a baseball game. What a convenience.

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      Good tip!

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