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What’s Worth the Money on Your Trip to D.C.

One of the things I looked forward to most when moving to D.C. was all the FREE things to do! Free museums, free concerts, free shows, free tours… it was perfect for a broke, unemployed, college graduate! With so many free places to go and things to do, museums you actually have to pay for… Continue reading What’s Worth the Money on Your Trip to D.C.

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D.C. for History Lovers

People come to Washington, D.C., for work, vacation, educational trips, and any other number of reasons. One of the things that drew me to my nation’s Capital is its history. The monuments and memorials exist for the sole purpose of helping us all remember the past, and the Smithsonian, the largest museum institution in the… Continue reading D.C. for History Lovers

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Instagrammable D.C.

  So, I’ll just be honest: I have this hate-hate-need-hate relationship with Instagram. All the follows that turn into unfollows, comments that mean nothing, likes just so hopefully I’ll go and like some of their photos. It’s all just a little too reminiscent of junior high for me, and I’m not willing to play the… Continue reading Instagrammable D.C.

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10 Reasons to Visit D.C.

It’s Faraway Friday! But this week’s destination is not so far away from me. In fact, it’s my adopted hometown of Washington, D.C.! I moved here 10 years ago tomorrow, and in celebration of that, today’s blog post is giving you 10 reasons you should consider a visit! 10. Taste International Flavors D.C. has some… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit D.C.

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Solo Travel: Washington, D.C.

Updated April 2020. This is a brand new year with brand new potential! Want to make solo travel a part of your life this year? I think that’s a fantastic idea! I moved to Washington, D.C., completely solo nearly 10 years ago, and I can definitely recommend D.C. as an excellent solo travel destination! Here… Continue reading Solo Travel: Washington, D.C.

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Where to Find Tennessee at the U.S. Capitol

Updated May 2020. It’s Museum Monday! If you’ve been to the United States Capitol before, you know it’s not only a Federal Government building, it’s also a big museum. From statues to artwork to artifacts, there is a lot to take in! Each state in the Union has contributed to the museum that is the… Continue reading Where to Find Tennessee at the U.S. Capitol

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Free Things To Do in D.C.

Washington, D.C., is known for its history, monuments, and, of course, politics. But when I moved here right out of college, I was delighted to find that so many things to do here are totally FREE! Here’s my list of the top free things to do in my adopted hometown! 10. Museums So many of… Continue reading Free Things To Do in D.C.

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Obscure D.C.

This Motivation Monday, I’m here to encourage you to think out of the box and find a little something out of the ordinary–find the obscure wherever you are! Washington, D.C., has plenty of interesting places to explore if you go just a few steps off the beaten path–sometimes even if you just cross the road!… Continue reading Obscure D.C.