10 Reasons to Visit D.C.

Updated July 8, 2020.

It’s Faraway Friday! But this week’s destination is not so far away from me. In fact, it’s my adopted hometown of Washington, D.C.! I moved here 10 years ago tomorrow, and in celebration of that, today’s blog post is giving you 10 reasons you should consider a visit!

10. Taste International Flavors

D.C. has some of the best international restaurants in the world! On the same city block you can find Japanese, Ethiopian, Thai, Moroccan, and Peruvian food. Anything you have a taste for, you can try it here!

Mr. Peabody Pembroke goes out for Ethiopian Food
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9. See the Most Important National Documents

This is a must-do for anyone visiting D.C., but especially Americans visiting their Nation’s Capital city. You can see the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and many more world-changing documents here. Just get there early–there’s always a line!

The Real Deal; This photo was taken in 2008, before photos were prohibited inside the Rotunda.
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8. See a Show at a World-Class, Historic Venue

The Kennedy Center, Warner Theatre, National Theatre, Ford’s Theatre, and the Shakespeare Theatre are just some of the venues in D.C. where you can see some incredible shows! From opera to ballet to old movies to plays and comedy acts, you should definitely check to see what’s showing when you’re in town!

Watching the Lion King!
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7. Walkability

D.C. is an incredibly walkable American city. Bring your walking shoes! The main sites are all within walking distance, and you’ll probably stumble upon some interesting things you weren’t even looking for along the way. Driving in D.C. is not advised–walking is the way to go!

Walking in D.C. is easy!
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6. Visit the Iconic Monuments

When people think of D.C., they think of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. You can see them all for yourself on a walking tour of the monuments, but make sure you also take some time to see them at dusk or sunrise as well!

Lincoln Memorial

5. Do Loads of Free Stuff

When I moved to D.C., I was a broke college graduate looking for a paying job at a time when everyone wanted free labor in the form of unpaid internships. But I did so much! There are free concerts, outdoor movies in the summer, world-class museums (including all of the Smithsonian museums), and, of course, seeing the monuments and memorials is always free as well! Get your free Library of Congress library card, visit the Capitol, and go to the top of the Old Post Office Tower for the best views of the District–all for free!

View from the Old Post Office Tower
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4. See the White House

This is the most famous home in the country, and it is recognized all over the world. You can’t get too close today, but you can still get a great photograph! Look for the snipers on the roofline. Want to take the tour? Check out How to Visit the White House.

The White House
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3. Visit Arlington Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is a solemn place, and no trip to D.C. is complete without a visit. Be sure not to miss the Changing of the Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Arlington House, and the many memorials to honor people who died in the line of duty or in national tragedies. Set aside several hours to see all it has to offer.

Arlington National Cemetery
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2. See the Cherry Blossoms

You have to have a little luck on your side, but if you can get your timing right in the spring time, you will get to see D.C. at its most stunning, with all the cherry blossoms in bloom! Be patient with Mother Nature, and check the Farmer’s Almanac for the best chance at an accurate peak bloom report!

The Cherry Blossoms!
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1. Visit the Capitol

This is where history happens for America. You could be on a tour of the U.S. Capitol Building and see Congresspeople walking around, going to vote, going to an appointment, etc. This is where laws are made, bills are passed, and important hearings and debates occur. A tour here is best experienced with a Congressional staffer, but if you don’t have time to organize that, you can go through the Capitol Visitor Center.

The Capitol Dome
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I hope you’ll come to visit D.C. sometime soon! There is so much to do and see, you’ll never get bored! For all my D.C. resources check out my Washington, D.C. Page!

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  1. I have been to Washington Dc on Several occasions. I mentioned my visit to Arlington Cemetery, in my post Thanks but I don’t need a gun. Great post.

      1. I did yes, I remember going to the black granite wall with all the names of lost military members, and went to The Tomb from the movie St Elmo’s fire.

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