How to Spend 1 Day in Hamilton on Bermuda

Bermuda is endlessly charming–even in the rain! We loved staying in Hamilton, and we would definitely visit again. With so many restaurants to choose from, sites to see, photo opportunities, and its gorgeous architecture, I have a feeling there will be something for everyone on your trip. Here are the best things to do and see, even if you have just one day in Hamilton!

Explore Front Street

Hamilton’s waterfront main street is absolutely charming. The boutiques are so adorable, and practically every restaurant has a view. Every building is colorful and well-maintained, and it’s very pedestrian-friendly. We loved walking down here in the mornings to enjoy the scenery before the hustle and bustle of the day got started.

Front Street is so colorful!
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Go Photographing

It’s fun to take pictures in picturesque places, right? Hamilton has so many murals, art displays, and designated photo-ops, it’s impossible not to be inspired. Bright colors and beautiful architecture wait around every corner, and even the parking lots give you something to smile about! Be sure to have your phone or camera ready while you roam around Bermuda’s capital city.

Greetings from a parking lot in Bermuda!
Insta-worthy Bermuda Sign
Pop of color at the Hamilton Princess!
Mural at the Hamilton Princess
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Enjoy the Architecture

Bermuda, and Hamilton in particular, has some of the most stunning, historic architecture. Buildings date back throughout the past 400+ years, and the churches in Hamilton are some of the most beautiful. Don’t miss the pink St. Andrew’s Church, and the Gothic-style Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity!

Pretty in Pink
The historic architecture in Hamilton is some of the most stunning anywhere in the world!
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Find Fort Hamilton

The fort was closed when we visited, but it’s FREE to visit! You can drive or walk up the hill to the fort, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning, panoramic views of Hamilton and the surrounding area. It was built in 1870, but never used in battle. When you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful gardens and explore dungeons, underground passageways, and the moat, pictured below!

It was closed when we visited, but we still got a sneak peek of the fortress walls!
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Head Out to Spanish Point

Spanish Point Park is so-named because a Spanish captain, Diego Ramirez, and his crew were shipwrecked here in 1603. They didn’t stay or create a settlement, but this spot has been called Spanish Point ever since. It overlooks the Great Sound, and the buildings you see in the distance are at the Dockyard–far closer by sea than by road from here! Come for the views, and bring a picnic if you like.

Spanish Point overlooks the water, all the way to the Dockyard!
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Cliff Jump at Admiralty House Park

Okay, you can also snorkel, swim, or just enjoy some sunshine here, but the cliff jumping is pretty epic! Can you believe the clarity and color of that water? You’ll find this popular park on Spanish Point Road, just outside of Hamilton, but still within walking or cycling distance. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the island, as you can see.

Cliff jumping and snorkeling are popular pastimes at Admiralty House Park!
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Try the Incredible Food Scene

We had some of the most amazing food in Hamilton! The fish was fresh, the veggies were local, the plating was pretty, and the flavor combos were tasty. Get your morning coffee at Rock Island Coffee, grab breakfast or lunch at Bouchee Cafe, and finish out your day at Devil’s Isle. Also, don’t forget to save room for dessert!

Check out this generous portion of the Devil’s Isle Catch of the Day!
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