How to Spend 72 Hours on the Island of Bermuda

I could have spent a whole week in Bermuda. But even with only a few days, you can still do an see a lot! It’s all about strategy and coordinating your days. But don’t let that scare you–I’ve done the trial and error for you! Here is how you can make the most of 72 hours in beautiful Bermuda.

72 Hours on Bermuda

This loose itinerary is geared toward visitors staying in Hamilton. However, each day’s activities are independent, meaning you can rearrange the days as you like. For instance, if you’re staying in St. George’s, simply switch the “Day 1” and “Day 2” activities, so you’ll be exploring Hamilton on Day 2 instead of St. George’s. Make the guidelines below work for you!

Day 1: Arrival

Flights into Bermuda from the U.S. arrive in the mid-morning early afternoon. This is great because you’ll have plenty of time to get some sightseeing in after you arrive. British Airways and Air Canada arrive later in the evening, but the bonus there is that you’ll have practically an entire day to explore on your departure day.

Check In

Once you arrive, go ahead and check in to your hotel! We took a taxi from the airport to the Hamilton Princess Hotel, but there were also hotel shuttle options, too. The taxi ride was about half an hour, and we paid $40, which included the tip. Even if your room isn’t quite ready when you arrive, you can still check in, leave your luggage with the porter, and start your exploring. Or, if your room is ready, go ahead and get settled.

Explore Hamilton

This is a great time to rent an e-bike, Twizy, or simply go for a walk and explore the capital city of Hamilton.

If you’re on one of the morning or mid-day flights, grab lunch at a local place (Devil’s Isle is a favorite), head up to Fort Hamilton (FREE to visit and gives a great a view of the city), or take transportation to Admiralty House Park for some cliff jumping or swimming. You could also do a little local shopping on charming Front Street, and if you’re interested in architecture, stop into some of the historic churches in town as well.

The architecture in Hamilton is some of the best on the island!
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Day 2: St. George’s and Northeast

Days 2 and 3 can be switched if you prefer for any reason. It’s a good idea to put all the activities below on the same day, since they are all on the same side of the island. Nothing is too far from anything else on this tiny island, but if you’re looking to maximize your time, this is a good way to do that! Rent a Twizy or a bike for the day to get here and get around.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Stop here first! The caves open at 9:00am daily, and you’ll most likely want to visit before the cruise ship excursions come around 10:00 or 11:00am. You could also try late in the day if you prefer, but keep in mind the last tours go at 4:00pm, and space on each tour is limited. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to see these gorgeous caves with their “crystal chandeliers” and clear, turquoise waters.

St. George’s

This little town is one of the most charming places I’ve ever visited. The town, the waterfront, the architecture, it’s all simply charming. While you’re here, don’t miss Fort St. Catherine over by the St. Regis Resort, the beautiful Unfinished Church, and a couple of the museums in town.

But if you do nothing else, head over to Lili Bermuda Perfumery. They have a perfume there from the 1860s. It was recovered from a shipwreck and re-created for the shop!

You will never believe how beautiful the Unfinished Church can be!
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Blue Hole Park

Also known as Tom Moore’s Jungle, the Blue Hole is a deep swimming hole surrounded by mangroves and jungle, accessible by a trail and not far from the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Bring your bathing suit and take a dip if you like! The park is open all the time and FREE to visit.

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Day 3: Dockyard and Southwest

The Royal Naval Dockyard area is a shopping, dining, sightseeing area at the farthest tip of the island. It’s also the location of the cruise ship and local ferry terminals, so it’s easily accessible to everyone. You can even pick up a Twizy or ride a bike here if you prefer.

Ferry to Dockyard and Explore

I suggest heading to the Dockyard first thing, again to beat the cruise ship excursions and make sure you can visit the National Museum of Bermuda. Tickets are limited, so they suggest making a reservation in advance so you won’t miss out on exploring over 500 years of Bermudian history. While you’re here, grab breakfast or lunch at the Dockyard Pantry and Cafe, or one of the other restaurants in the area.

Rent a Twizy and Hit the Beaches

Be sure to download the Current App so you can see where the Twizy cars are, and so that you can rent one! You can rent a Twizy at the Dockyard if available (every time we looked there were a few Twizies available there) and take the road toward Hamilton. Stop off at the Sea Glass Beach, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and any place else that looks beautiful or interesting.

Rent a Twizy! It’s fun! And yes, you can fit one passenger in the back!
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Day 4: Departure

I know you’ll be sad to leave, but use your last few hours on the island for all they’re worth!

Enjoy the Morning Before Airport Departure

If you arrived mid-day or early afternoon, you’ll have several hours in the morning to do the things you may have missed during your trip, or just spend the morning enjoying your accommodation until check-out time.

Bermuda from the Skies
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