The Best 10 Things to Do on Bermuda

Bermuda is now on my short list of favorite islands in the world. It’s so charming, delightfully diverse (Hello, pink beaches! Hello, crystal caves! Hello, jungle!), and the people are truly some of the kindest in the world. There is plenty here to keep you occupied for a long weekend, and honestly, we could have spent an entire week here! But to get you started, here are the top 10 things to do on Beautiful Bermuda!

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Wow! We squeezed in a visit to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves just before we had to leave for the airport our last day, and I’m so glad we did! It’s one of the top things to do on basically any “To Do on Bermuda” list, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re true natural wonders, discovered just over 100 years ago by accident. Don’t miss the crystal “chandeliers,” the insanely turquoise waters, and the “cave kisses” you’ll inevitably receive! Click here to learn more.

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are truly a wonder of Bermuda!
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National Museum of Bermuda

Full disclosure: We were in Bermuda on a holiday weekend, and a rainy weekend, so we didn’t quite make it to everything we wanted to do! This was high on my list, but we will have to hit it up next time. It’s located at the Dockyard, which you can get to by bike, ferry, or car. The museum is in an old fort, and inside you can explore over 500 years of this tiny island’s history. Tickets are limited, so reservations are encouraged!

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Admiralty House Park Near Spanish Point

This is one of the most beautiful little spots on the entire island. The water is clear, the bay is calm, and it’s a place where locals and tourists alike can have some fun! Try out the cliff diving at Clarence Cove, bring your snorkel and mask, or simply enjoy the sunshine at this seaside park.

Try your hand at cliff jumping like the locals!
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Bermuda Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail follows the old railroad line that went up and down the length of the island. While this trail is truly beautiful, I have to recommend walking, hiking, or running on the trail, not cycling. (Do as I say, not as I do–trust me!) We saw lots of runners, walkers, and hikers on the trail, so I can recommend it for that.

I recommend walking the trail instead of biking!
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Fort Hamilton

This is another one we missed due to timing and the holiday, but even the outside of this fort is picturesque! Located in the heart of the country’s capital city of Hamilton and built in 1870, it overlooks the town and much of the island. There is plenty to explore inside, but best of all, it’s FREE!

We missed the fort, but got a view of the jungle moat!
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Fort St. Catherine

One thing you’ll notice about Bermuda: It’s home to a lot of forts! This particular fort is adjacent to the St. Regis Resort property, but anyone is welcome to visit. It’s the largest fort on the island, built in 1614. You’ll find a museum inside, as well as lots of outdoor space. And don’t miss the tunnels while you’re there!

Fort St. Catherine

Blue Hole Park (aka Tom Moore’s Jungle)

This one will be a great thing to do on a sunny day! We missed it due to rain, but it’s another one at the top of our list for our next Bermuda trip. The Blue Hole can be found after a walk down a trail, and it’s a large, deep pool that you can swim in, surrounded by green jungle and mangroves. It’s very picturesque, and also FREE to visit!

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The Unfinished Church

This is my favorite site in all of Bermuda. I’m a sucker for the turquoise waters, beaches, local restaurants, etc., but Gothic-style ruins like this might just be my love language. Construction started in 1874, but a series of unfortunate events (and time) took their toll, so it was never finished. It is, however, one of the most sought-after wedding venues on the island, and a holy grail for photographers!

It’s FREE to visit and just a few blocks away from downtown St. George’s, so it’s worth swinging by for the photo-op!

The most picturesque place on Bermuda? Could be!
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Find the Moongates

You’ll start to notice these circular “gates” all over the island. They’re at your hotel, on the sidewalks, public parks, in people’s yards, etc. They are good luck charms for honeymooners (hence the name “Moongates”), or really any people in love. Couples walk through the gates (or pose for photos inside) and make a wish, and they are destined for lifelong happiness. Click here for more of the backstory!

The Moongates are all over the island. Honeymooners, make a wish!
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Try All the Food

Every meal was amazing, ever plate was pretty, and every element was as fresh as it could be. We loved the food on Bermuda! My favorites include Devil’s Isle, Rock Island Coffee, and Village Pantry (breakfast pictured below). Classic foods to try include cod or wahoo and raisin bread, often together in sandwich form!

Everything we ate was not only beautiful, it was truly tasty!
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