The Best Things to Do in St. George’s, Bermuda

When people start planning a trip to Bermuda, they often start in Hamilton, the current capitol of Bermuda. But St. George’s, the original capital city, is too adorable to miss! It’s walkable, beautiful, charming, and it even has a secret scent! Here are all the best things to do on a day trip to St. George’s.

Follow Your Nose to Lili Bermuda Perfumery

This one is #1 on my list for a reason. You know I love history, and this is one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen history brought back to life! Lili Bermuda is a perfumery that opened in 1928, but they have a scent for sale here that is over 150 years old. It’s called the Mary Celestia, and it was discovered inside a shipwreck dating back to 1864!

The bottles of this men’s or women’s perfume were used to re-create the scent so it could be duplicated and available to people today. One of the original bottles is on display, along with the story. You can purchase a bottle of the citrusy scent for yourself, or if it’s not your favorite, you can choose one of their many other scents. I chose a bottle of “Sun Kissed” to take home with me!

Don’t forget to sniff the Mary Celestia!
Not a fan of Mary Celestia? Choose one of their many other scents for men and women!
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Get Photos at the Unfinished Church

I’m a sucker for ruins. If it’s ruined, I want to see it. If it’s got pointed arches, I swoon over it. This aptly-named Unfinished Church began construction in 1874, but a series of unfortunate events, including a freak tornado, prevented its completion. It has withstood the test of time, however, and now it’s a very popular wedding venue, as well as a beautiful place to take your own photos!

One of the most picturesque places in St. George’s
Architecture lovers, rejoice!
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Step into St. Peter’s Church and Cemetery

Just downhill from the Unfinished Church is the associated St. Peter’s Church. It is “The oldest Anglican Church outside the British Isles and the oldest Protestant church in continuous use in the New World,” according to their website, and it’s so cute situated at the top of a long, brick staircase.

The church dates back to 1612, when the island was settled by the Virginia Company out of England, and when St. George’s was its first town! Stop in to take a peek at the historic interior, and step outside into the side yard to visit the cemetery, too.

St. Peter’s Anglican Church
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Visit Fort St. Catherine

It only makes sense that the islands first settlement would also be home to its largest fort. It was closed when we visited, but the fort looked like it would be worth going back for! Built in 1614, it’s been upgraded many times over the centuries. Now, it’s a museum showcasing both the fort and 17th century island life, complete with drawbridge, tunnels, ramparts, and towers!

Fort St. Catherine
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Take a Dip in Tobacco Bay

There is no shortage of gorgeous, turquoise blue water around Bermuda. Tobacco Bay’s calm lagoon is the perfect place to spend part of your day, whether you’re interested in snorkeling, wading in, or simply sunning on the beach. Grab a snack or a meal at the Tobacco Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant while you’re at it!

Also interesting about this bay is its American ties. In 1775, Bermudian locals actually helped American revolutionaries steal gunpowder from the British, right from this spot!

Bermuda Blue Waters at Tobacco Bay
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Dine Seaside

One of the most spectacular things about island vacations is… The food! It always just tastes a little fresher, especially the seafood. There are a number of great restaurants for any taste in St. George’s, but we chose to have lunch on the patio at Wahoo’s Bistro. It was the perfect spot for a rainy day because we got the view without getting wet. And the ceviche was pretty tasty, too.

Stop in for some Wahoo Ceviche!
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