My Honest Review of the Restaurants in St. John’s, Newfoundland

So, we had some hits and misses in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It’s time for some honesty here, because I think right-sizing one’s expectations is essential to having a great trip! So, instead of “The Best Places to Eat in St. John’s,” as I would usually title a post like this, it’s just my honest opinions. What was good, what to skip, and what we’d go back to ourselves.

I guess we can blame it on the Pandemic, but it seemed like restaurants in St. John’s, and the tourism industry in general, is a bit off their game. We got some really terrible recommendations (and funny looks when we asked for them), and more than once, one of our dishes was forgotten or simply not what we ordered. Here’s our experience–hopefully it’ll help you have a better experience on your trip!

Madras Cafe

This is a great place for breakfast! Don’t let the name fool you, though; they serve more than just Indian food. They also have delicious coffee, complete with foam-art and a lovely presentation. We’d probably give this place another try.

For breakfast, my mom got the sausage and egg bagel, which also came with cheese and a sweet and spicy sauce, and Steve and I both got the bacon and egg wrap, which included avocado, potatoes, tomato, and the same sauce. There was a mix-up, however, and they only brought out one wrap. By the time we figured out they had simply missed mine, Steve and my mom had already finished. I wolfed mine down as quickly as I could once we got the mix-up sorted and mine came out.

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Bagel
Breakfast Wrap
Beautiful latte art
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Boston Pizza

This one was a miss. We asked the woman working at the front desk where we could get pizza for take-away after a long day of driving, and she seemed baffled! She suggested this place, but said it was too far to walk. Since we had already turned in our rental car, however, Steve walked there anyway and brought it back for us. The pizza was not that great, and we found out later there was a nice pizza place literally a block and a half away from our hotel. Oh, well! We don’t recommend it.

Frozen pizza would have been better. Too bad!
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The Bagel Cafe

This diner-style eatery was pretty good, and it has an extensive menu. It’s also quite popular, as there was a line out the door one morning as we passed by! We chose to get some breakfast to-go, and we were satisfied with it. There was quite a bit of booth-style seating inside, however, if you’d prefer to eat in. The person who took my order forgot to charge me and just walked away when she gave me the bag of food. She didn’t remember until I asked where I needed to pay!

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel with Hashbrowns; Bagel with Cream Cheese; Sundried Tomato and Egg BLT Bagel with Hashbrowns
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Rockets Bakery

This was a bit of a miss. This is the only place where we were hollered at about wearing masks (no other restaurant, shop, hotel, or other company was concerned about mask wearing), so that started us off poorly. They did provide masks for those who didn’t have one, so at least we weren’t turned away.

We were cold and hungry after a very chilly boat tour. There was a water situation: The server refused to bring us any; I had to go back up to the front and wait in line to order free tap water. Steve ordered a salad, which was fine, and my mom and I both ordered the chicken and vegetable soup. When it arrived, there was almost no chicken in it, and it was very watery and kind of flavorless. But at least it was hot and included veggies. Do not recommend.

Steve’s Salad with Chicken
“Chicken” and Vegetable Soup
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VU Resto Bar

I assume this restaurant’s name is pronounced “view,” since they do have a beautiful view of the harbor! This was the best palce we ate by far on our entire trip. It was right next door to our hotel, and after a very light lunch (above), we were ready to eat again just a few hours later. This is one place that boasted locally-caught and locally-grown ingredients, which I love to see in small towns like this one. We definitely recommend it!

Two Beef Patties Topped with Bacon, Cheddar, Sauteed Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, and Fries on the Side
Mustard and Maple Glazed Salmon, Roasted Veggies, Goat Cheese, Sweet Potato Puree
Newfoundland Cod, Roast Veggies, Salt Beef Hash, Veggies Puree
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The Battery Cafe

This one was a bit of a hit and a miss! It’s a place locals go, so you know the food is good. The young woman working the cash register was very nice and answered all my questions, but the breakfast sandwiches came out super slow. It might have gone faster if we’d ordered at the take-away window, but we definitely didn’t want to wait outside on a cold, overcast, foggy morning!

Also, I might have chosen something different if I’d known the breakfast bagel came with a spicy sauce, which was not listed on the menu. Overall, though, I’d go here again. We recommend it because the food was good, even if a bit slow to arrive!

Date Bar, Banana Bread, “Puffinseed” Bar, and Latte
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon, Topped with Cucumber, Pickled Onions, and Capers
Breakfast Bagel Sandwich with Egg, Cheddar, and House-made Maple Sausage Patty (also spicy sauce)
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Newfoundland Chocolate Company at Signal Hill Visitor Center

This was a hit! We explored Signal Hill on a foggy, cold morning, so a hot chocolate sounded pretty great to me. I got the “Jigs ‘n Reels” hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, and my hot-natured mama got the dark chocolate-mint gelato, topped with a chocolate square. Yum! It really hit the spot.

Jigs ‘n Reels: Vanilla Bean and White Chocolate Hot Cocoa with a Shot of Espresso
Mom’s Dark Chocolate and Mint Gelato!
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Bellissimo Bistro

This was another hit and miss! We stumbled upon this place in a neighborhood while walking from Quidi Vidi Village back to downtown St. John’s. The food was good, but the waitress brought me the wrong order, so Steve was already finished with his sandwich before I even started eating. These things happen, but it was the second time this had happened to us in St. John’s, so it was just a little odd!

Veal Parmesan Sandwich
Cheese-filled Pasta with Cream Sauce
Cheese-filled Pasta with Tomato Sauce
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Touton Lane

Toutons are a traditional Newfoundland dish! They’re a little like a doughnut-meets-English muffin, and Touton Lane has made them into sandwiches. We chose the Tunderin’ Cheeses, Downtown, Popeye, Nutty Monkey, and Traditional to share among the three of us. Unfortunately, they were out of both the Popeye and Downtown Toutons due to supply chain issues, but we got the Butter Chicken Touton instead, which was delicious! They didn’t photograph all that well, but they tasted better than they looked.

Note: The Touton Lane ordering window is connected to the Mad Catter Cafe, where you can play with cats and enjoy a coffee or hot cocoa. If you have a cat allergy, this place may not be the place for you, or you may want to send someone else in to order!

Tunderin’ Cheese Touton
Butter Chicken Touton
Nutty Monkey Touton (Nutella and Banana)
Traditional Touton with Maple Syrup
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The Postmaster’s Bakery

We were pretty excited to get breakfast here on our last day. Their pastries were great, but coffee lovers, please note they only have drip coffee–no espresso! Also, they don’t put out their savories until about 10:00am. I got a panini that may have been wrapped up since Saturday or Sunday, since they are closed Monday and Tuesday, and we went on a Wednesday morning! It tasted awesome, but if you’re coming for breakfast, make sure you’re cool with a low-protein option! I’d go back, knowing it’s more for my sweet tooth and less for my nutritional goals!

Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Ganache Macaron
Chicken, Brie, and Pear Panini

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