The Ultimate Packing Guide for Newfoundland in Summer

Summer in Newfoundland! It’s going to be… Chilly! You may have some very pleasant days in July and August, but trust me, you’ll want to come prepared! My best advice is this: Check the weather forecast, and dress for the temperature, not for the season. Here are the essentials you may not think of packing when planning your trip. 

Warm Hat

This is at the top of the list for a reason! I am so glad I had my knit toboggan hat for our trip. I don’t know about you, but if my head is warm, the rest of me stays warmer, too. If you have long hair, consider bringing one that has a hole in the top for your messy bun or ponytail. 

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Same as with the hat—if my ears are warm and covered, the rest of me is warmer, too. I actually love these things called “earbags.” They slip over the ears individually, so they never mess up your hair, and most people don’t even notice them because they’re so sleek! Pro tip: Double-up and wear these under your hat for extra warmth!

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A heavy, wool scarf or blanket scarf may be a bit bulky to pack, but you’ll be so glad you have even a light little something around your neck. I like a nice infinity scarf, but a pashmina style works just as well. 

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You may have beautiful days in your forecast, but it’s better to be safe and dry than sorry and wet, especially when there’s an inevitable chill in the air! I was definitely glad I had one, and it layered nicely with all of my other layers as well. 

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Fleece Jacket or Pull-over

Speaking of layering, fleece is not a bad idea! This paired well with my raincoat, and I was extra thankful for the coziness on a particularly foggy, misty, drizzly day we had in June. Bring one and plan to wear it most days, if not every day! 

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Warm Sweater

I know, you’ve already put them all away! But pull out your favorite one (or two) to pack for your trip to Newfoundland in summer. Even just a light sweater will take you far on a long day. Choose a bright color so you remember it’s summer!

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Fleece-Lined Athletic Top

This was definitely one of the best items I packed. As a runner, I have several fleece-lined items for those cold, wintry runs. Luckily, they work for chilly summer mornings and days as well! I wore one all day long the day we took our boat tour, and wore the same one on a hike the next morning. I highly recommend packing at least two!

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Versatile, sturdy, and rugged, jeans are essential for Newfoundland summers in my view! Bring some with a little give so you’re extra comfortable, and plan to wear them a few times during your trip. 

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Fleece-lined Leggings

Again with the fleece. But trust me, you’ll be glad! I love leggings for travel days or particularly active days at my destination. Choose black or gray so you can wear them multiple times. 

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Smartwool Socks

A friend told me about Smartwool a few years ago, and I’m totally sold! Smartwool helps you stay warm and dry, and your toes will be oh-so-grateful for the coziness. Smartwool doesn’t itch, and it won’t make you too hot, either. They’re the best!

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Waterproof Boots

Another thing I was so glad to have with me? My duck boots from Sperry. My mom and I both brought a pair, and they were perfect for some muddy walks, rainy moments, and striding right through puddles. Plus, they kept our toes warm! They come in several beautiful colors, so choose some that make you happy when you look at them! 

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When the sun shines in St. John’s and Newfoundland, it shines brightly! Bring a good pair of polarized sunglasses with you so you can really see what you came to see. 

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While this is by no means a tropical or beach destination, you’re still going to get some strong sun rays, especially if you go out on a boat tour! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just some facial moisturizer with SPF will do just fine! Here’s a good one:

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Get more packing tips on my Packing Page, and find everything you need for your trip on my dedicated Canada Page!

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